Tuesday, 17 January 2017

You have few friends on Facebook, we will call back to you

Always sat on the Peekaboo without account, but the day before yesterday there was from what at me wildly bombanut. Without having sustained, decided to be registered and tell, what happened to the friend.

I work in the medium-sized Moscow company on sales. My friend the other day quitted the old job after they replaced the head of department. So far didn't begin to look for a new place of employment, but I suggested to come on an interview to us into the company (specialists in sales which understand the equipment are required). Gave it phone and e-mail of HR department.

He registered on Friday. The work experience was ideal (sales in the same sphere, enterprise customers), has the higher technical education. From last work there are several letters for the first places and even corporate distinctions (something like medals, etc.). That is on sales he feels like a duck to water though he itself not really loves this profession.

I asked that he didn't advertize who invited him. In general everything suited my friend, especially I told about details. I warned directly the head of department about an interview, told it briefly about the friend. At the end of the working day at the request of the head I called the recruiter which sobesedovat my friend (the young girl, works for us recently). Asked whether the new candidate was pleasant to it. The following dialogue took place:

- Well as it?
- I don't know, seemed strange. Our company will refuse to it.
- Why? - here I very strongly was surprised.
- The bad characteristic after passing of the test. And still I found it in Facebook, and it has in friends only 6 people. Means, badly will accustom to collective.
- It, from where such conclusions?
- I have the higher psychological education (I have nothing against humanists, itself got arts education).

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