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"I am ready to begin to pay attention": Esperanza Spalding speaks before today's peace sphere

Though the team of transition arguing talent for the 45th solemn introduction to the president's position was according to messages the depressing process, at the Peace Sphere tomorrow, occurring through Natsionalnaya Avenue tonight, there are no such cares with the big list which includes Angela Davies, Solange Knowles, Amy Goodman, Van Jones, Melissa Harris-Perry and special work as Esperanza Spalding, the extolled jazz bass player and the singer. Accepted in recently opened National museum of Afro-American History and Culture, the action has been organized not as a protest, but as a progressive alternative to transition of the official Trump, to the events next day. Spalding — the first jazz performer of not alloy who will ever win the Grammy for the Best New Artist, having brought down Justin Bieber in 2011 — has connected to this week earlier to share her aspirations to today's party what she will fight for within next four years and why it is so especially difficult to see that Obamas goes.

Why the Peace Sphere is important and what message you try to send?
There is this idea called "we are people", and I really love "us" in that phrase because it doesn't wave a flag "us" or "them". I think that I have got to bad habit to reflection about me as "we" and actually identification of other fellow citizens as "they". It can't work in system of democracy which is based on an ideal "us". It is an ideal that, obviously, we fought with as people here in the United States of America. And what I see in this Peace Sphere is the idea "us" to celebrate. To tell, "Yes, it is our president. It is a part of ours 'we'". But this Peace Sphere - also a part of it "we". That is why I wanted to be a part him, and that is why I am excited to be in the District of Columbia at this time because I am ready to begin to practice what "we" actually mean.

What plan concerning your performance?
It is very casual communication between an event which we play also the place which we play also the song which I have written a few years ago. It was never registered, but I have written this song originally because Herbie Hancock has asked that I have written something for the 40th anniversary of the Agreement of the World heritage of UNESCO and the program of the place. I have written the song under the name "Pyramid" because I think that places of the world heritage are remarkable, but I feel like people in places where these places of the world heritage, are much more important to protect. I have written "Pyramid" about alternative type of a monument which can be constructed and carried out from generation to generation. And when I have been invited to play the Peace Sphere, I thought: it is in the new museum of Afro-American history, and I have understood that the museum is developed to resemble the turned pyramid. It is not a just fine symbol of on what we want that our democracy was similar? Most of people speaks and has the power. True character of our democratic ideals.

There is this director whom I admired for many years, Pastor Annie B — she worked with David Byrne and Annie Clark — and we do this part that she directs and projects with jazz chorus of Govardsky university [Afro-Blue]. Thus, there are many layers of value. It is a lot of twisted parts. I know that it will be really special.

The fact that you think is a role of the artist in times as it?
The place of the artist has to transfer a creation burden; burden of an invention of alternatives; the burden of creation sounds, the ideas, poetry, images and the movement which can calm people enough that we can coherently think. As when we feel that it is in danger when we are afraid when we are on defense when we are on approach, our system is lifted in this mechanism where it has to really, it is really difficult to think coherently, coherently, and logically. And it is honest, I think that the most part of responsibility of artists has to create art and a sound which allow people enough simplification so that they could, striking to think and plan and cooperate and unite with each other. When you are afraid and feel that you have to protect yourself, it is difficult to connect to your fellow, and it is even more difficult to connect to someone whom you consider as another. Work of the artist consists in connecting people — really, really to connect people.

I spoke with the artist Veiyes Blood recently, and she worked through how to make music which speaks with not only one specific group, but also all. How you approach it?
I am so glad to hear other artist thinking as this. We became a little dumbfounded with fraud. It is really unpleasant story — that people don't want to hear you. If you leave on the street, believing that when you see the stranger who you have been convinced by some heading, doesn't want to hear that you have to tell which already reduces an opportunity you two connections in real life. We have to be careful that we take as the fact from sources which are very far from our daily lives. In our cross-cultural communications there are problems, and there is also deep opportunity for communication every minute every day. But the fear will close much that opportunities.

It is realistic, artists have to tell the truth. What affects us most deeply even if it seems really certain for our culture and our family and by our time, is a nugget in what we feel quite universally because all of us are identical versions. To tell the truth when you do by what it happens so, what are you doing and you do the truth beautiful — one of art functions, has to turn the truth into something that can stand, and you can address with it looking at him together. I think that it is more universal, than we give him the credit on. Perhaps, it is issued under a brand and commercialization of stories of people which give illusion of this division between genres and cultures. You call me one swarty person who doesn't love David Bowie. You call me one Latin American person who doesn't love Marvin Gaye. We already live cross culturally in our daily lives in how we consume entertainments and music, but I think that we are dumbfounded with fraud about us divided because we not.

I also hated an argument that art is going to recover during more hard political times as though it is some consolation prize during the political moment which could be harmful really.
I completely agree with you. Even if it is right, it isn't time to console us nevertheless. I think what is important that we were in contact with our disappointment and our grief and our anger and have allowed it to be as painful as it because it is going to make us more possibly to leave our bums and to make a little shit. It isn't time to console us nevertheless.

If you grew in a poor family and if you grew in hands of despotic system and had to make due with less, than any person, then has to have to, you pull out a certain pride from ability to manage. It is the only thing on which you can base the cost. You are similar, Shit, I haven't got an education. To my father have taken away him because he was poor or black from each opportunity or had accent because he is an immigrant. We will cling to a thing of which we are proud. In my case we were proud. I felt proud that my mother could make due with anything. I felt proud that I didn't need good things. I felt proud that I didn't need tasty food. The fact that we were the homeless. I felt proud of those things. But under him deep pain and deep disappointment, and often I understood that I have created a ray of hope, so thick that the actual grief and anger and disappointment is difficult to deal with it.

What you will fight at this moment for?
I think that this administration is much cleverer, than we give it the credit on. I think that it understands that to the following order, we - the voting democracy, thus, it isn't in the interests to make our lives unfortunate. It can be a two-edged sword because we couldn't notice how bad things really reach if we have our bases as Netflix and organic apples. If the lower step of Section 8 doesn't become pulled from under a rug of families with the low income. I think that we have to be careful — things couldn't blow up at once for us to have the clear direction to fight century. So prepare for it. Some actual research, some fine combing can be required to understand what begins to occur in hands of this administration. I am ready to it. I am ready to be silent there. I am ready to pay attention and to read and make my homework both to listen and meet friends and to meet organizers. Also understand for what I have to vote. What I have to sign. Where I have to be found. To what meeting of a town hall I have to go. To make sure thinner freedoms and thin freedoms which we couldn't notice every day don't become removed every day.

Creators of the Peace Sphere are full of determination concerning creation his celebration of last eight years and progress which were made. You have personal relations with Obamas and have acted for them in the White House, and to me it is curious: What you are grateful for when business reaches Obamas?
I am grateful for the person of color which has come from the environment with the low income to rise and simulate contrast of a syndrome of the impostor. He has got up and has simulated: Oh, my God, it has occurred, I - the first here, and I have received it. I - the first here, and I deserve it. I - the first here, and I can make it. And, hey, the child, my wife, you can make it, also! Hey, daughters: We have received it! It is surprising. It is surprising. And he has simulated it for people around the world. You can imagine? You can imagine?

Of course, his heritage wasn't faultless because he is the commander-in-chief of contradictory society. He has to deal with it and represent the interests of the country which couldn't correspond to his personal interests as he has to because he isn't a king, he is the president of democracy. I just feel that it was such striking example for us and for the world. We are during in the history United States with [a part from] the highest levels of attendance of college ever in the history of the country. And it not just occurs incidentally. I really am proud of them for this purpose. I am proud of what he has simulated only, being myself and taking full property of his situation: completely the embodiment and absolutely trustful his right to be in that family way.

I don't know how they do it. They have to study qi a gong or something. To have a lot of energy available really to give to people. I don't know how they fill up themselves. It is strange. I was only at this party [in the White House] to celebrate eight big years, and they just danced in crowd. Everywhere there was a Secret service, but actors, religious leaders, politicians, writers, scientists, workers, staff, someone could just rise and tell thanks and dance with them. They were so kind with the energy. To take one minute and to deal with each person.

Happen the Rapper has given a game a game of the party on social media and has forced it to seem really amusing. He also marked you the most beautiful person at a party...
[Laughter] I think that it was my green lipstick. It was the epic, this green lipstick.

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