Friday, 20 January 2017

Traffic jams of Calcutta hold India, teams of cricket of England

Calcutta testifies the principal balls of a traffic because of relocation of VVIP in the city today. Together with it there is the Bengalese Global variable the Business Summit because of which there are several Business delegations in the city.

The president of Pranab Mukherjee is in the city for several obligations, and the Former prime minister doctor Manmohan Singh is also in the city. Both leaders are also present at bicentennial celebrations at University of Presidency.
Traffic jams of Calcutta hold India, teams of cricket of England

British and the Indian commands of cricket stuck in cork for at least 30
minutes in case of title in hotel of a command in Alipore from the airport. The Bystry staff of Force of Action accompanying commands in hotel was noted the asking motorists and bikers to support safe distance from buses.

It was hard for police to hinder fans to reach to close to command buses. Admirers didn't spend for nothing time to attempt to click on photos and a selfie with command buses.

Several important intersections and signals the staff of traffic police manually because of long corks controls.

The traffic on the road from the Science city to Park Circus is especially bad. The Bengalese Global variable by which the Business Summit is saved in bases of Milan Mela and this carrying to a large number of a traffic on the road which connects Circus of the Park to East Capital Bypass.

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