Thursday, 19 January 2017


In months starting with Donald Trump have won elections, the vice-president Joe Biden has mainly avoided to declare something personal the elected president. Yes, during the campaign he has venomously noticed that if he was still at high school, he "would take him behind the gym", apparently to put old school, Wilmington beaten down. But Biden had an opening since then as he has explained New-York tayms megezin in the interview published on Tuesday. "The question judgment of the person, not his motivation", was told by Biden, having repeated words of the old mentor. And mostly, which is approach which it and Barack Obama was shown with Trump moving back on his politician, but working in close cooperation with his team of transition and hoping for the best. "The president and I have come to conclusion that there is no cost in creation of it the argument calculated on prejudices", he has told the magazine. "It doesn't receive you anywhere".

It shouldn't say, however, that Biden has no intention frankly to express when the case calls for him. Addressing the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Tuesday, Biden has issued the message of care and has clearly let know his concern that Trump and the new government will accelerate a plot of Russia "to collapse a liberal international order" — not insignificant charge for the politician hoping to maintain their warm relations.

"In other words, Russia has various vision for the future which they pursue through board", Biden has told, warning against an otmeneniye of sanctions on Russia and offers of implicit reproach of obvious tenderness of Trump to Vladimir Putin. "They look for return to the world where strong impose the will through armed forces, could, corruption or crime — while weaker neighbors fall in the line".

Trump who already is under fire for his long efforts to level the United States with Russia, and also his effort to isolate Putin from criticism the Russian Ambassador was full of determination to interfere with the American elections of 2016, incited a new wave of criticism earlier this week when he has derided the European Union and characterized NATO as the interview to foreign news agencies which was "outdate" during a series. In Davos Biden has moved back difficult. "The only biggest protection for our transatlantic partnership - the unshakable obligation of the United States to all our allies of NATO", was claimed by him. "Attack on everyone - attack on everything. It can be never called in question".

E.U maintenance. and for NATO, Biden has offered, is not what other as very important for protection of the Western civilization. "The United States and Europe have to force fight to protect values which have brought to us there where we today", Biden continued before to take another strongly strike leaders — as Trump though he has gone unnamed — who "squat, close gate, build walls". Biden has shared similar feeling with Johnathan Alter, the author of a part of the Tayms magazine, soon after elections. "A question which I receive everywhere: ‘The American leaders are going to proceed?’" Biden has told. If Trump "just stands behind lines — hands off — it could be very awful. Very much, very awful".

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