Saturday, 21 January 2017

3 brilliant January read

The emotional debut novel of Katee Khan, Constrain Stars (Doubleday, about €11.99, on January 26) not so ordinary romance novel. Keris, the pilot of space of superachievement, and Max, the promising chef operating family food business meets and falls in love, but their Universe, Europe, forbids them to be together. Set between space and Novaya Zemlya was created after catastrophic nuclear war this story sees that couple tries to express disagreement with strict rules of their utopia, trying to save their relations. They have to fight to remain together later, to survive when they drift, one in space only with 90 minutes of the remaining air. To tell more would only spoil him, but it is motivation, the unique and beautifully created history on difficulties of the first love which will remain with you after reading. It will be huge in 2017.


Seventeen-year-old Flora Banks likes to write notes. On her hand, on her hands, on hundreds of pieces of paper. But Flora not the ordinary teenager. She has anterograde amnesia and nothing can remember day "day to" – not a joke her acquired friend, instructions which her parents have given her, what age she. It is the basis of a debut of Emily Barre of YA One Memory of Flora Banks (Pingvin Rand House, about €9.99, now). Then Flora kisses the boy - it is - she the first, and from the boy she shouldn't have kissed. Next day she remembers him - it is - the first time when she remembered something as she was ten years old. Knowing that it could change her life forever, she goes to the Arctic to find Drake, one person who could help her to keep to her memoirs. It becomes her obsession – why it can remember it only? It is the beautiful, reaching majority history.


The parade of Montpelier of Karl Giri (Year of production of wine, about €15.99, now), the gentle, real story about love between two people from absolutely other worlds, is a charming debut from the author who was born in Dublin. The history begins and comes to an end in gloomy, got wet with a rain the Dublin, but bright signs keep settlement by bright. Sonni is only 16 years and the working class home leads lonely life in difficult, but he is eager for the world and bigger, better future. Everything changes when he meets beautiful Vera, also wiser, than he is so more senior. Her house is on the Parade of Montpelier, only around the city, but Sonni, she represents various world. Casual collision leads to new love to Sonni, but all not as it seems – what is hidden precisely by Vera? Bright, moving history which is full of heart.

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