Saturday, 21 January 2017

Shampoo for £1, so good as top for £40 material of range

And the big question which will be stated will be, any real difference between the cheapest available there – standing of a bottle for less than £1 – and the luxury brands which are on sale at retail at the level at most £40?

Doctor Waters who gives lectures and researches in chemistry and pharmaceutical science, have asked to be engaged in investigations in the Horizon of BBC2, one of the most long and actual programs with the highest rating on TV.

After implementation of tests on the hair offered two students, her verdict - what everything washes from the cheapest to the most expensive, equally effective at simple cleaning of hair. But it should be paid additional for properties of creation of conditions of more expensive brands, especially if you have "problem" hair – too dry or grease, for example.

Doctor Waters has told: "If you just want clean hair, then the price doesn't matter. However, if you after more from your shampoo, then buy the best, you can provide".

It became the movement - to the scientist for television producers, and it has made the chemical analysis of many products for them, such as cream for suntan, deodorants, cosmetics and caffeine in coffee. Thus, when the Horizon has planned, the release called the Mysteries of Care of hair, doctor Waters was one of the experts employed to conduct a research and to present their results on the screen.

The release is shown at first on Monday, January 23, at 21:00 and will then be available through iPlayer of BBC. Doctor Waters has been removed at University of laboratory of Huddersfield where she has made the analysis of efficiency of range three, washes, from cheap to expensive.

Also removed there were her students doctors of philosophy Tanya Sueyn and Catherine Finch. In addition to the help with the scientific analysis they have voluntarily suggested to leave hair not washed up within a week and then coast for investigation have offered

Doctor Waters has added: "If you look at a hair, are really closed, you see the mine and blocks of dirt. We have looked at hair when it was dirty and has looked again when it has been washed up. All three from this to wash left is absolutely pure".

However the cheapest product – supporting the agent of creation of conditions – left charge of static electricity on hair, and it will have effect of attraction of dirt back on a surface.

Doctor Waters has finished: "The project has forced me to understand that you have to invest the capital in the best shampoo that you can. It really matters. But if you literally just want clean hair, they really don't matter".

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