Friday, 20 January 2017

Collisions burst in Sopore after Friday prayers

Sopore: Collisions have burst in the field of Jamia Masjid Sopore after Friday Congregational prayers between protesting and government forces.
The shouting anti-forces and slogans of pro-freedom, hundreds of youth have taken on streets out of Jamia masjid in Sopore sson after prayers.
Protesters, mainly youth which has gathered about Dzheymiya Mesdzhid Road, has begun to throw stones into forces which in reply used heavy shelling of tear gas to disseminate them.
Witnesses have told that forces in the area have taken the answer-back measures, having highly thrown shells of tear gas and sound grenades to disseminate the young people throwing a stone.
About any wounds haven't reported still, however collisions continued when reports have last time entered.

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