Tuesday, 17 January 2017

a pack of cigarettes

Once has come to the girlfriend - the student on a visit. She rented apartment together with one more girl. A code has come to her, this girl was already going to leave somewhere to leave us alone, and all ran on the apartment collecting some listings on study in the folder. I have sat down in a chair and quietly watched all this vanity. They have already begun to run together something looking for and to swear in passing with each other. I have suddenly felt that it is inconvenient to me to sit - the pack of cigarettes which is deeply filled up in a trouser pocket has stuck into a leg an acute angle. I have risen, have got this pack and without looking have thrown on a table near a chair and have sat down back. Suddenly vanity at girls has stopped, they somehow strange have looked at me and this girlfriend gives to my girl the folder with papers, with words: "all right tomorrow we will copy" and somehow sharply puts on and leaves. I in misunderstanding look at the which has stood too, and I dart a glance at a pack of cigarettes which I have thrown on a table - and it appears - it is a pack of condoms! Those I sat, waited, then have got up, have resolutely thrown a pack of condoms on a table and have sat down back, the hint was just unambiguous)))

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