Friday, 20 January 2017

Transport problems of rush hour of M25 as motorists have avoided collision of the M23 multivehicle

Accident on M23 has caused long delays on the highway plus M25 and the next roads during rush hour of morning of Friday.

Accident which as understand, has included the truck and two cars has happened on the carriageway moving to the south around 7:00 between connection 7 of M25 and connection 9 on M23 at the airport Gatvik.

M23 is late supported on M25 counterclockwise between connection 7 and connection 8 subsequently.

Emergency services have sent to the stage, and all movement had to be carried out for some time while vehicles have been removed from the road.

Accident has also caused delays on the next roads as motorists tried to avoid M23 and M25, including A22 moving to the south in Godstone and the route A264 Copthorne Common moving to the west.

Transportation terms have come back to normal approximately by 9:00.

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