Saturday, 21 January 2017

Hong Kong takes away visa-free means for Indians

In failure to the Indian travelers Hong Kong, the special administrative region of China, has taken away visa-free means for Indians who will have to finish registration before arrival since Monday.
"Registration Before arrival for the Indian Citizens will be carried out on January 23. The online service Before arrival for the Indian Citizens is open for Registration now", has declared the Hong Kong immigration department in the announcement of his official site.
"The Indian citizens have to request and successfully finish registration before arrival online before they are able to visit or pass through visa-free HKSAR (seeking to enter into HKSAR during transit). Registration before arrival isn't required for the Indian citizens in direct transit by plane and not departure of area of transit of the airport", has been reported.
In the notice on the Indian Consulate in Hong Kong it has been told that to the Indian holders of the passport without Registration Miss Before arrival, except those which belong to any of the released categories won't allow to sit down on the transportation going to Hong Kong.
Registration Before arrival is usually valid for six - the period of month or before what expiry date of the related Indian passport earlier, has told it.

It is the major detained for more than half a million Indians who visit the former British colony for business, trade and holidays.
So far Hong Kong has allowed Indians to enter with the valid passport during the period in 14 days without visa. But means has been taken away despite representations from India allegedly on the ground that the number of the Indian asylum-seekers raised, official sources have told PTI here.
The Indian officials disprove that statement that a small amount of asylum-seekers because of a half of one million visitors can't be a justification to reconsider old means which has also brought benefit to Hong Kong as most of them highly spent the tourists promoting economy of the former British colony.
There is also a concern whether the movement by Hong Kong because of pressure of China is caused. — PTI

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