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GQ Photos: SAG Awards 2017: The Best Dressed Celebrities Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, Nicole Kidman ...

Tonight’s SAG Awards red carpet was all about the personal and the unusual: gothic flourishes, extreme romance, and rigid tailoring all looked right. Even the sweetest frocks by Chanel, Valentino, and McQueen were a touch defiant. One common denominator? Bold statement earrings meant to add yet more swagger to unusual clothes for unusual times.
Claire Foy in Valentino

The 10 Best Dressed Men (A$AP Rocky, Brenton Thwaites, Rami Malek, Louis Tomlinson)

Dan Stevens
The surest way to stand out on any carpet (or in any room): wear an uncommon colored suit.
At the premiere of 'Legion' at in West Hollywood.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

The 12 Best New Menswear Items to Buy Right Now

Unis Camo Chore Coat
 Unis’s chore coats sell out quickly because they’re flattering, affordable, and built to last. This one in camo would look great over a white or gray hoodie

Video: The Arrest of a U.S. Spy Working as a Russian Intelligence Officer Could Tell Us a Lot About Trump and Putin

Rachel Maddow gave us an interesting and terrifying theory.

The thin-skinned, embarrassing, in over his head dummy that lives in the White House hates the idea of people thinking he's a puppet of Vladimir Putin and Russia. When BuzzFeed News published the now infamous dossier of intelligence reports, that though unverified, were deemed worthy of briefing both former President Obama (wow, that hurts) as well as President Trump, the Trump camp was furious. Serial liar Kellyanne Conway went on Seth Meyers and lied that Trump wasn't briefed on the information. They also have denied any and all of the connections between Russia and their campaign. But new information coming out of Russia raises some interesting questions about the validity of those claims.

How Dickies, Patagonia and Carhartt are Making Street Style Dope Again

Remember Americana? When old-school brands like Alden, Pendleton, and Red Wing felt brand new, when Cone Mills selvedge denim was practically de rigueur? We have that late-aughts trend (and the #menswear blog movement it spawned from) to thank for getting a new generation of guys interested in style.

The New Rules of Long Hair, According to the Experts

Get growing, but resist the man bun.
 As much as we love a good buzz-cut or short fade, long hair styles are everywhere right now. But no one wants to revisit the man-bun mania we recently left behind. To keep yourself looking like Michael Lockley or Miles McMillan on the runway, and not Leonardo DiCaprio on perma-vacation, we asked a few of the top men’s hairstylists for their advice on how to pull off some length in a fresh, modern way. Here’s what they had to say:
Have a Specific Cut—or Era—in Mind

Photos: The Best Silver Cuff Bracelets to Buy Right Now

Your hunt is over: Best Stuff is GQ’s destination for finding the perfect version of whatever you need. Everything we endorse has been heavily researched and thoroughly tested. You can thank us later.

The man bracelet universe is a grab bag of styles ranging from Game of Thrones-ian statement pieces to hippy-chic braided bracelets to blinged-out, Diddy-level wristwear. The difference between understated and overkill is a fine line when you're working with as little real estate as your wrist offers. That's why we favor a minimal silver cuff. The simple curved bar is the best starter piece for the guy who wants to dip his toes into the man jewelry pool, or the ideal add-on to any wrist with some serious watch game already in play.

Someone Please Save Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik from This Music Video and Each Other

The video for the 50 Shades soundtrack's lead single is just as 50 Shades as you think.

Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik have released a video for "I Don't Want to Live Forever," their collaboration that backs the inescapable trailer for whichever of the 50 Shades movies comes out next, and folks, not since Mariah Carey on New Year's Eve has America beheld lip-syncing this halfhearted. I honestly wasn't sure until a full two lines into his verse whether Zayn was actually trying to mouth his lyrics, or just struggling to work a stubborn piece of leftover roast beef out from between his teeth.

Rami Malek’s Stylish Trick for Traveling Light

There is no power high like moving effortlessly through airport security, getting into your seat with ease, and then getting out of the airport faster than the rest of the folks on your flight and beating them all to the cab line. It’s not that you wish them ill will, it’s just that when flying is the worst it’s the worst and not letting it get to that point is a triumph.
Depending on the length of the trip and your wardrobe needs, your packing strategy for getting through the airport without losing your mind may change. Here’s one way of doing it that we can get behind: double mid-size duffle bags in lieu of rolling luggage, XL weekenders, or camping backpacks. Rami Malek used this trick at the airport yesterday and, not only did he look great (he was hauling Dior Homme bags in case you were wondering), but it helped him stay highly mobile.
The advantage of double duffle bags is that it prevents you from having to check a bag and, unlike a rolling suitcase, it keeps your stuff close to your body so you can zip through the crowds and down narrow aisles easily. Put one of the bags in the overhead storage, and one by your feet while you’re in the air. Or squeeze them both up there; they’re small and flexible enough to fit into even the most packed compartments.

Video + All the Zelda Games You Should Play to Get Ready for Breath of the Wild

Put on your best green tunic and sit down with these classics.

We’re just over a month away from the release of the long-awaited new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, on both the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch. But if you can’t wait that long to go questing around Hyrule, you’re in luck; from now until February 9, Nintendo is putting pretty much every Zelda game ever released on sale (currently limited to Europe, though a similar deal for North America may be pending).

The Most Radical Dress Socks to Wear Right Now

Stay sane with our weekly list of great stuff to stream.

Do you know how few good movies there are about dogs available to stream? Good luck trying to be the talk of your social circle by throwing a movie watch party themed around A Dog's Purpose, because the pickings are slim, unless you don't object to fare like Army Dog (a real movie) or one of the Z-list Air Bud movies. (The good Air Bud shit is on Hulu.)
But maybe you're not really out for stuff that helps you ponder a dog's purpose. That's cool too. We've got some ideas.

If you want dog stuff: May we suggest the vintage Tom Hanks classic Turner & Hooch, released in 1989—a year after Big, just before the Hanxplosion. It's a buddy cop movie where one cop is a neat freak and the other cop is a dog. If you haven't seen it before, that's all you need to know.
If you want a new TV show to jump on: You could take our own Scott Meslow's advice and jump onboard with The Magicians. The whole first season is streaming on Netflix, and it's short enough that you could catch up in a weekend before hopping over to catch this week's premiere on The pilot takes things almost excruciatingly slow to the point where it's not all that fun if you haven't read Lev Grossman's novels the show is based on, but by the end of it stuff so nuts goes down you'll want to see it through to the end.

How to Get Colin Farrell’s Excellent Fade Haircut, According to His Hairstylist

The high fade haircut might be starting to get a little too famous for its own good, but there’s no denying that it’s a flattering, ageless look. Colin Farrell, who showed up to the Golden Globes earlier this month sporting a fresh-from-the-barber fade, cemented that fact. The 40-year-old actor looked better than ever—and better than anyone, for that matter.

We tracked down his longtime hairstylist and groomer (i.e. the guy that trims those bushy brows), Sacha Quarles, to find out what Farrell’s secret sauce is (other than, you know, looking like Colin Farrell). Quarles also works with guys like Justin Timberlake, Shia LaBeouf, Matthew McConaughey and has been nominated for two Emmy Awards for his work in TV. In short, he knows a thing or two about hair.

The Right Chelsea Boot to Wear with a Suit

Every day of every month at GQ, we start your morning on Instagram with visual advice on What to Wear Today. But we want to go deeper. Give you the nuts and bolts of how to get the look into your wardrobe. This month we're providing you with a list of menswear essentials to upgrade your 2017 closet. Up today: Dressed-up chestnut brown Chelsea boots to wear in your corner office (real or imagined).

The celebrated women’s designer launches his first menswear collection.

We'd be lying if we said we could keep all the different menswear labels specializing in "better" versions of foundational wardrobe items straight. While some have point of view that immediately comes across, there are plenty who simply make respectable—but not remarkable—basics. This one lands in the former camp, thankfully. That's probably because the man behind the line, Adam Lippes, is a celebrated women's designer, not just some dude whose highest aspiration is to make the "perfect T-shirt" (although he very much cares about that too). Lippes cut his teeth working alongside Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la Renta in the late '90s and has been running his own successful label for over a decade. Bottom line: He makes damn good pair of chinos—and that isn't the only trick up his sleeve, either.

If you work in an office and want smart staples that are free of logos, made in CEO-level fabrics (i.e. not synthetic), and yet don't cost more than a month's rent, you'll appreciate Lippes first foray into menswear, available exclusively through Matches Fashion and Lippes' own website as of this week. The merino wool sweaters are nice enough for any high-level meeting, the twill shorts are just the right length for your company retreat, and the chinos read like dress pants, instead of fraternity gear. For something a bit unexpected, there's even a made-in-Italy oxford shirt that's been subtly elongated to fit like a tunic. It's refined and editorial in a way that instantly sets Lippes' menswear apart from the more baseline basics brands on the market.

Animal Sweaters with Blood-Thirsty Beasts on Them Are Officially a Thing

Sweaters with prints of animals, perhaps, are in any clothes. Also it is not about the child's clothes at all. The subject of flora and fauna is urgent not the first year. And don't refuse to yourself purchase of a warm sweater with an amusing small animal this fall!

Slee is close to you black-and-white subject, to you the sweater under a zebra or a dalmatian has to attract. Using an animal coloring on a sweater, it is better to avoid it in other things. Such sweater is already quite active detail of clothes. Though some designers offer use in an image of different animal prints: for example, leopard and snakeskin.

The 13 Best New Menswear Items to Buy This Week

The male fashion is so various now that it is optional to limit itself checked by Tom Ford or Zegna. Every season any good shop tries to find new curious brands. Earlier with aspiration spoke about the Belgian and Japanese wave, quite recently — about Scandinavian, speak about everything today at once and love eternal values. Italians, as usual, the best in skin and cashmere (Giorgio Brato and Annapurna). Japanese still slightly mentally ill people (Lumen et Umbra and Julius) also adore black. And the most sensible jeans turn out at Americans (P.R.P.S.)

Reebok LF Vector Track Top
 If Vetements collaborated with them and it looks like something Shia would wear, what other endorsement do you need?

2017: 10 winter jackets for men of the most fashionable and beautiful

The coat of the moment is as bright as a box of crayons.
Warm men's winter jackets of Alaska, parks, N2B, N3B, M65, Bomber jacket, Pilot. Buy a winter jacket on fur for the man in online store.
Offers from the known producers (Brand)

11 New Reasons to Vacation in Mexico

The best vacation destination is closer than you think. This spring, head south to the greatest country in America.

No country in the world (not even Kazakhstan) is more misunderstood than the land across the Rio Grande. (We don't even blame Trump.) For whatever reason, gringos always seem to visit only the absolute worst places: all-inclusive tourist hellscapes where you need a wristband to order a watery margarita and the quesadillas come with a side of ketchup. But Mexico has quietly become a world-class travel destination, without sacrificing its character and history—its soul. Why should we fly across an ocean when, right across our border, cities are booming with Europe-level restaurants and parks are packed with Australia-level adventure? It's insane to think that while we've been backpacking through Thailand and foodie-pilgrimaging to Copenhagen, Mexico has been right there all along, getting better (more stable, more progressive, more sophisticated) all the time.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

William “Bill” E Quigley birthday

William "Bill" E Quigley of Ottawa will celebrate the 90th birthday at family celebration of a dinner on January 22, 2017 with his children; Christine Benson (King), Ottawa; Linda Quigley from Boulder, CO; Daniel (Betti) Quigley Morton-Grove and Michael (Zubets) Quigley of Chicago, his six grandsons and two great-grandsons.

He was born on January 26, 1927 in Indianapolis, Indiana. William E Quigley Sr. and Lilian Iren (Gorokh) Quigley was his parents. Barbara (Quigley) - Lane (late) was his brother.

3 brilliant January read

The emotional debut novel of Katee Khan, Constrain Stars (Doubleday, about €11.99, on January 26) not so ordinary romance novel. Keris, the pilot of space of superachievement, and Max, the promising chef operating family food business meets and falls in love, but their Universe, Europe, forbids them to be together. Set between space and Novaya Zemlya was created after catastrophic nuclear war this story sees that couple tries to express disagreement with strict rules of their utopia, trying to save their relations. They have to fight to remain together later, to survive when they drift, one in space only with 90 minutes of the remaining air. To tell more would only spoil him, but it is motivation, the unique and beautifully created history on difficulties of the first love which will remain with you after reading. It will be huge in 2017.

Expensive houses for sale

The former house of the founder of Ryanair Tony Ryan sold for a little more than €12 million last October, becoming the most expensive property sold through the state in 2016.

Magnificent Lyons Possession in Celbridge, Co Kildare, has been sold on October 4 last year for just part of its original required price. In 2009 two years later after Mr. Ryan has died, it has been estimated at €60 million.

The house was among 511 housing objects of property sold more than for €1 million last year, the analysis of a show of the Register of Real estate price.

It shows that the number of houses of high level, trading in hands has increased almost by 8 personal computers within a year. In 2015 about €474 1 million - plus houses have been sold.

The register shows full reduction in the amount of the objects of property sold during 2016. It happens because of a combination of factors, including the Central bank, providing rules which have affected abilities of buyers to provide a mortgage, together with low rate of new housing construction.

Night cultural enchanting spectacle in IIMB

Indian Institute Managment - Bangalore (IIM-B) will celebrate the Day of the republic on music note. Classical music 12 watch long and an enchanting spectacle of dance will be carried out in a campus from 18:00 on January 25 by 6:00 on January 26.

Falling of the line or person exile of 6 years: U’khand BJP to rebels

Dekhradun: Facing comprehensive protests from candidates of poll to whom have refused tickets, Uttarakhand BJP'S unit has decided to give time till January 27 for dissident leaders to revise their decision to retire. The state secretary general of the party (organization), Sanjay Kumar has told TOI on Saturday that if dissatisfied leaders don't come back to a party bend by then, they will be sent within six years.

7 fascinating facts about Robert Burns

You don't like be pleasant when Robert Burns's poetry possesses at the typical Night of Burns – but she probably helps. During for several centuries commemoration of his birthday (on January 25, 1759) developed in the formal case full of secret and very traditional whim (for example, "a toast to little girls"). It is impregnated with a type of humour which worked well at the beginning of the 19th century and is strongly "blokeish" – some would tell that the direct sexist – and a lot of vanity is made about a dish of a mutton liver, and of course by whisky. But if you thought that you knew everything that you wanted to know about this the most known of Scots, here seven Interesting Facts about his heritage which you could not face before.

Panasonic to begin GenNext technology in Mezhsekunda

Panasonic, the leading supplier of integrated solutions for safety and video surveillance, is going to enter the next generation of i-Pro the Extraordinary technological platform into Interseke 2017 who opens on Sunday in Dubai, the UAE.

The event will run in the International convention of Dubai and the exhibition center (Dicec) till January 24.

Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF) have begun i-Pro Contrast in response to the bystry growing demand for the integrated video surveillance in the region which saw huge growth for video of the equipment of safety in recent years.


The exhibition celebrates art and influence of the movement of hip-hop.

The first exhibition of College of the district Hudson of the new year presented by Department of culture of Hudson County Community College (HCCC) is one of the most unique and investigates the cultural phenomenon, hip-hop.

Exhibition, "Hip-hop Utopia: Culture + the Community" was supervised Michel Vitale and Fred Fleischer, and can be considered since Monday, January 23rd till Tuesday, February 21st in Benjamin Dzh. Dineen, III & Dennis C college. Gallery of the case, 71 Sip Avenue in Jersey City. The exhibition and all connected events are open for all community and there is free entrance.

The leader of Chattanooga Dzhumouk Johnson, 23, killed under a hail of bullets on Friday night

The charismatic person who has made on his teachers an impression at High school of Breynerd, but hasn't escaped from three generations of gangs and poverty, has been killed during firing and road accident on Friday night.

Dzhumouk Johnson, 23, has risen by categories of the Goal of 60 Chips as the teenager. He was a clever child, the natural leader, and was a senior at high school when he at first has been presented in the Free press "Tayms".

The police has reported that it was the central figure of gang, dark compound of thread of firefight and the agreement on medicine across East Chattanooga everywhere. They have told that he has ordered hits, participated in firing from moving transport and shot at the person behind the head — but they couldn't prove it.

Peace producers establish to appear when Reading Magistrate's court after blocking of an entrance to FEAR

The COURT in Reading is going to judge five peace participants of a campaign for acceptance of nonviolent direct measures, despite several recent cases in which participants of a peace movement have been acquitted, being an arrested at similar protests.

It arrives after five Christian activists have blocked an entrance to Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) to Burgfilde.

Participants of a campaign who are all in their the thirtieth are members of group, Puts the Sword.


The spaceship of Juno as plan, will take the following close demonstration flight of Jupiter on February 2
NASA calls all space enthusiasts to help to solve picture locations for the following demonstration flight of Juno Yupitera. It is first time when NASA invites the public to choose all pictures which will be taken in time of the forthcoming shave. This task usually becomes teams of scientists.

People can participate in the project through vote which will begin Thursday, January 19 and will continue till January 23. The spaceship of Juno will specify the camera called by JunoCam to only those places which will receive a majority of votes.

Juno is in a 53-day orbit around Pluto now. His first demonstration flight has happened on August 27, and it was the first time when the spaceship has transferred some intriguing data back to Earth. Juno has faced some problem before October 19 demonstration flight, but eventually has entered a safe way.

On December 13 Juno has finished his third shave to Pluto with all tools on. His following demonstration flight of the planet as plan, will happen on February 2. During this shave the spaceship will be on about 2,700 miles above mysterious top of a cloud of the planet. Seven tools including Juno's camera will be used once again to collect important data.

Shampoo for £1, so good as top for £40 material of range

And the big question which will be stated will be, any real difference between the cheapest available there – standing of a bottle for less than £1 – and the luxury brands which are on sale at retail at the level at most £40?

Doctor Waters who gives lectures and researches in chemistry and pharmaceutical science, have asked to be engaged in investigations in the Horizon of BBC2, one of the most long and actual programs with the highest rating on TV.

After implementation of tests on the hair offered two students, her verdict - what everything washes from the cheapest to the most expensive, equally effective at simple cleaning of hair. But it should be paid additional for properties of creation of conditions of more expensive brands, especially if you have "problem" hair – too dry or grease, for example.

Hong Kong takes away visa-free means for Indians

In failure to the Indian travelers Hong Kong, the special administrative region of China, has taken away visa-free means for Indians who will have to finish registration before arrival since Monday.
"Registration Before arrival for the Indian Citizens will be carried out on January 23. The online service Before arrival for the Indian Citizens is open for Registration now", has declared the Hong Kong immigration department in the announcement of his official site.
"The Indian citizens have to request and successfully finish registration before arrival online before they are able to visit or pass through visa-free HKSAR (seeking to enter into HKSAR during transit). Registration before arrival isn't required for the Indian citizens in direct transit by plane and not departure of area of transit of the airport", has been reported.
In the notice on the Indian Consulate in Hong Kong it has been told that to the Indian holders of the passport without Registration Miss Before arrival, except those which belong to any of the released categories won't allow to sit down on the transportation going to Hong Kong.
Registration Before arrival is usually valid for six - the period of month or before what expiry date of the related Indian passport earlier, has told it.

Season of 'Gotham' 3 hindrances & updating: will transform Kamren Bikondova's hints as Celina to the Catwoman

"Gotham" FOX slowly but of course received the following within three seasons, offering a unique view of Batman's beginning. The show which concentrates on a trip of the detective Jim Gordon as the fighter of a crime in Gotham city is some kind of type of history of an origin of a row which shows to admirers as certain signs have appeared.

It includes Batman, the Joker, the Enigma, the Penguin, and more. Admirers also reach to see the beginning of the Catwoman in the form of Celina Kyle during the season of "Gotham" 3 played by the actress and the dancer Kamren Bikondova. Recently, Kamren Bikondova attacks as Celina will transform to the Catwoman on as.

The schedule of the forthcoming events in public library of Lubbock, on January 22-28

Children of the hero and dungeon & dragons in library of a branch of Patterson
Come to Library of the Branch of Patterson, 1836 Bulvar Drive, at 17:00 on Monday, January 23 for a role, playing night of a game for all family. Children 6 can also play the Hero's Children while teenagers and adults play Dungeons & Dragons. For more information you call 767-3300.

Family night of Lego in library of branch of groves
Come build with us in Library of Branch of Groves, 5520 19th streets, from 6:30 till 20:00 on Monday, January 23. We will have parts of LEGO, or you can bring own. For more information you call 767-3733.

Club of the Pokemon in library Makhon
You play Pokemon Go? Meet other trainers of Pokémon, exchange hints and participate in actions in Makhon's Library, 1306 9th street, from 6:30 till 20:00 on Monday, January 23. For more information you call 775-2838.

Teenage Tuesdays in library of a branch of Patterson
Come to Library of the Branch of Patterson, 1836 Bulvar Drive, for amusing actions after school for classes 6 - 12 at 16:30 on Tuesday, January 24. For more information you call 767-3300.

Mumbai civil polls: Sharpening of Sena-BJP rejects each other formulas dividing the place

The deadlock on division of the place for Mumbai civil elections between ruling participants of the union in Maharashtra, BJP and Sharpening of Sena, proceeded even after three rounds of negotiations today.
Anil Desai of Sharpening of Sena and Mumbai which the head of BJP Ashish Sheler has declared after today's round of negotiations that two parties have rejected the proposals of each other dividing the place.

BJP wanted 114 places from full 227 while it Seong was ready to recognize only 60 places him to the partner. Now the decision on the union will be made top-level by the president of the head of the government and Shiva Seny Addkhevom Thackeray of Devendra Fednevis, these two leaders have declared.

Samsung Electronics declares to consider Galaxy Note 7 briefings on January 23

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has declared that it will declare on January 23 results of a research on what has forced some Galaxy Note of 7 smartphones to light up as the firm seeks to recover from one of the biggest failures of safety of goods in technical history.

Samsung has declared that his heads and independent experts will disclose the results at a press conference in Seoul and that the company will present new measures which have been carried out to prevent repeated incidents.

The head him, mobile business, Dong-jin Koh which announced the initial Note in September 7 responses will be present at a briefing, Samsung, has reported in the statement on Friday.

The person familiar with a question has told the Reuters Agency this week earlier that investigation of Samsung has found that the battery was the main cause the well-known 7 fires. [nL4N1F60AH]

The best producer of smartphones has to assure consumers of the world that his devices are safe to recover for the company from the planned hit for nearly $5.20 billion to his operating profit on the Note 7 crash more than three quarters.

Investors say that Samsung has to offer a convincing explanation of fires before start of his Galaxy the S8 smartphones expected once in the first half.

The Supreme Court to hear on January 23 a request to postpone the Budget of the union

The Supreme Court to which on Friday submit on January 23 hearing about a delay of search of a request of submission of the Budget of the union before the forthcoming meeting votes in five states.
The bench including the chairman of the Supreme Court of J From Hekher and the Judge D I Chandrechud who looked for material and legal conditions in support of PIL has preferred to pass the additional evidence of oath submitted the applicant.
The defender M L Sharma who has given PIL has also expressed the readiness to discuss a question on Monday.
Jagdish Singh Khehar

PIL has told that the Center is ordered to submit for consideration the Budget in 2017-18 financial year which would begin since April 1 instead of offered on February 1 date.
It has also told that the central government is limited from the announcement "any simplification, the program, the financial budget, elections of the states so far not on" as they would break Standards of behavior of Model.

BUGGY Fascinated by sights and sensations of Oregon

It was no Saginaw.

You know, that in the song.

I have been sure that I knew that, and it didn't matter anyway. I have arrived to look for America, and I have found him.

It was the end of summer and while they weren't amber waves of grain, we rolled the last burned brown grass under a background of dark green pines.

My fellow travelers and me were originally considered to a trip around the city - and his bars - by electric bicycles. The name misleads a little - you shouldn't drag the 10-kilometer extender behind you - as they are put in action by the batteries equipped with a throttle with a maximum speed of 25 miles in an hour, the convenient place and pedals if you have desire to do some real work.

Why meditation and attentiveness - are more, than a whim of good health

Jim Hegarti remembers time when psychologists have hidden the books on meditation if they expected visit from the colleague. Hegarti, the clinical psychologist who is based in Dunedin plaid about meditation during the 20th, to be inspired as other his generations, the American TV series, the Kung fu, to lift martial arts.

He has lost interest to that "waffly, light material" during his researches at university. If to it was necessary to be carried seriously as the "tough" scientist, he speaks, it was the look noticed as inadmissible. Hegarti's pause hasn't lasted; he was a constant practician a zen - Buddhist methods since the beginning of the 2000th.

Happiness of the project, the movement which was result of the documentary of 2011 of the same name is differentiated between meditation and attentiveness: meditation belongs to "broader set of methods which exert positive impacts as balance, concentration and altruism" while attentiveness - "a way to be in at any time... providing further degree of an intentionality and composure".

The red panda and huge genomes of a panda show the meeting evolution

Even while bats and birds haven't developed from the general ancestor, both of them have wings. This phenomenon called the meeting evolution sees versions in the similar ecological niches developing similar adaptation — not because they are closely connected, but because they face the same evolutionary problems.

Huge pandas and red pandas - a striking example of it. They differed with huge pandas in Ursidae family along with other bears and red pandas as the lonely living family representatives of Ailuridae, more closely connected with polecats about 43 million years ago (you look at huge pandas and red pandas on this zoomable a life tree). But both species of a panda are unique among predators in it, they - is exclusive herbivores.

Kaléo shows the price of the alternative of Epipen: $4,500

As the public protest at the flying-up price of Epipens of Milan has struck extreme extent of excitement last fall, Ars has noted that there was the forthcoming competitor: Auvi-Q Kaléo. But we have been quite sure then that Kaléo wasn't going to offer an available alternative of an autoinjector of adrenaline, considering that the company has well registered history of a price gouging on saving drugs, also. Nevertheless, the price of Ovi-K can still send some jaws to a floor.

In the announcement on Thursday, the company has shown that Auvi-Q will have the announced market price in $4,500 for with two packages and will be available on February 14 to any who wants to buy that.

The truth about additions of cod-liver oil

Omega of 3 fatty acids - healthy fats which are important for good health and as our body doesn't do them we have to receive them from other sources. In total from doctors and dietitians, to naturopaths, doctors of alternative medicine, and even the addition industries, agree about this fact. And all of them (except, perhaps, the addition industries) agree that the best way to receive an omega-3s from consumption of fat fish as a salmon and a tuna.

But it isn't always easy to eat fish regularly who is why additions of cod-liver oil became a popular alternative for people who want to make sure that they receive enough these important fats. Whether they are a sufficient alternative, nevertheless, doubtfully. While more researches have to be made, the science still assumes that cod-liver oil can not be everything, than it extolled to be. Here what you have to know about addition and as you can receive enough omega-3s, without choking down a large tablet.

As — and when — it is pertinent to dismiss the wedding seller

There are so many things which are magnificent without the aid of wedding flower walls, veils, your pie with seven rows — but what occurs when planning becomes awful? If the wedding seller doesn't conform to your standards, becoming quick-tempered with you or just giving you a bad presentiment, you can want to farewell relations. But not so quickly: It is simple because you are ready to say goodbye, doesn't mean that the seller will be so ready to leave. Here everything that you have to know about what to make if you are ready to tell that "You are dismissed".

Capable violation fire
In the same way as 9 to the 5th work, only serious violations - the reason for reduction of a cord. "Lack of communication - the cardinal sin in organization of events", is said by Marisa Flores, the owner and the leading scheduler Nindzya Sobyty. She adds that if your seller doesn't make effort to answer your questions completely in due time, it is the main red flag.

Scientists of the swindler rush to keep data on climate from Trump

Saturday before inaugural day, on the sixth floor of Library of Skin of the Van at University of Pennsylvania, about 60 hackers, scientists, registrars and librarians has been hunched on laptops, dragging flowcharts on boards, and shouting opinions on computer scenarios through the room. They had hundreds of government web pages and data sets to pass before the end of day — all strategically chosen from pages of EPA and National administration of oceanic and atmospheric researches — any of which, they felt, could be removed, changed or removed from public property with arriving Trump's administration.

Their obligation, at that time, was purely speculative, on the basis of a hard work of the Canadian government scientists at Stephen Harper's administration which has shut a mouth to them from a conversation on climate change. Researchers looked as Harper's officials have thrown thousands of books of water data into garbage containers as the federal ecological closed scientific libraries.

Analytics and Infographics: Why women (and men) go today, according to data of Twitter

200,000 people — mainly also are a lot of woman sports pink #pussyhats — will go down to Washington, the District of Columbia within Women's March on January 21st. What has originally begun as the event of Facebook has turned into the cultural moment, comparison of an inauguration of previous day of the 45th president of America, Donald Trump.

On problems it is harder and harder to find communities between Trump's supporters and protesters who will be flown down to DC and other cities over all country. Nevertheless both groups divide at least one tool in the set of tools: skill of social media as the movement - to the channel to strengthen the points of view and perception of a form. With 255,000 loves also calculation, the official event of Facebook within Women's March has extended with an improbable speed, and visitors strengthen Facebook to organize transportation, housing and logistics. But it is Twitter which provides a clear lens in priorities of participants. The analysis of tweets on the basis of 40 goes, the connected keywords and hashtags show that protesters have that on priorities.

"I am ready to begin to pay attention": Esperanza Spalding speaks before today's peace sphere

Though the team of transition arguing talent for the 45th solemn introduction to the president's position was according to messages the depressing process, at the Peace Sphere tomorrow, occurring through Natsionalnaya Avenue tonight, there are no such cares with the big list which includes Angela Davies, Solange Knowles, Amy Goodman, Van Jones, Melissa Harris-Perry and special work as Esperanza Spalding, the extolled jazz bass player and the singer. Accepted in recently opened National museum of Afro-American History and Culture, the action has been organized not as a protest, but as a progressive alternative to transition of the official Trump, to the events next day. Spalding — the first jazz performer of not alloy who will ever win the Grammy for the Best New Artist, having brought down Justin Bieber in 2011 — has connected to this week earlier to share her aspirations to today's party what she will fight for within next four years and why it is so especially difficult to see that Obamas goes.

Why the Peace Sphere is important and what message you try to send?
There is this idea called "we are people", and I really love "us" in that phrase because it doesn't wave a flag "us" or "them". I think that I have got to bad habit to reflection about me as "we" and actually identification of other fellow citizens as "they". It can't work in system of democracy which is based on an ideal "us". It is an ideal that, obviously, we fought with as people here in the United States of America. And what I see in this Peace Sphere is the idea "us" to celebrate. To tell, "Yes, it is our president. It is a part of ours 'we'". But this Peace Sphere - also a part of it "we". That is why I wanted to be a part him, and that is why I am excited to be in the District of Columbia at this time because I am ready to begin to practice what "we" actually mean.

I didn't think that there was something ironical about a campaign in a fur coat

In the winter of 1968 my mother, the junior at the Wisconsin university, has reduced a class once to pass on the meeting objecting military industrial complex and the war in Vietnam. She has taken the coat — swingy number of beavers, in all length which she had reduced, to horror of her parents earlier to correspond to length of her (very short) skirts — and has lifted the poster from a heap of signs of handwork. The picture exists her shestvovaniye around provocatively before National guard somewhere. My mother always laughs when she tells this story. Not because of a coat — "I didn't think that there was something ironical about a campaign in a fur coat", she has told me the other day when I have asked that she has told story everything again and again. "It was cold; it could be below zero than 20 within many weeks for once then. It was much colder, than it now — clear business". She laughs because of the sign of a protest operating for the best which when she has come back to the room of the hostel and has thrown her down on a bed, she has understood explained in capital capital letters, DON'T STRIKE, but SRIKE. "My roommate who didn't go has placed her hand on her hip and has told, ‘Hm, is similar that someone had to be at school instead of sriking’".

However, you write down it, it - the fact that people have made then all the time. "I loved that our time, was thus politically knowing and that we cared so", my mother says. Her eyes have been open when her boyfriend since summer between high school and college has been called in falling and as she tells it, "by Thanksgiving Day he has died. He has been shot in the jeep in the demilitarized zone. And everything, I continued to think, was, "my God, he even had no chance to grow". If we could make something about what proceeded, I wanted. I am really excited that people go now — not about why we have to", she continues. "We honestly mattered when we have passed".

22 Photos Jeffrey Rüdes FALL 2017 MENSWEAR

Jeffrey Ryudes - someone who really thinks of his production — he is an own client, and, not only that, he has a real sense of what wants rich, but stylistically the acute person. For Falling his research remained in the Californian enthusiasm, having mixed a Bohemianism of the resident of Los Angeles with purity of the 90th. Connection was convincing.
Ryudes admitted the silk shirts which are strength in his repertoire. Those have arrived in wide, at the pool of a strip or the press retro is skillful. On one party of scale there were wide French kordery trenches while on another, it has offered a film and optimized, rather beautifully constructed top layer. Those which look for more novelty will find him on the smart jumper painted manually with palm trees (which are silent as far as this writer is interested, the corresponding motive).

Fall - Winter 2017: 24 photos of models Nehera PRE-FALL 2017

Not tourist ways to see the Great Wall

Whatever you choose, both offer Spa traditional Chinese massage — a lot of rhythmical acupressure — which will leave you feeling like something between recently kneading loaf of bread and the conqueror of the Great wall. When in China, make as Chinese, correctly?

There are so many things to test on the first trip to China — obvious sights as the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, galleries of the modern art of Beijing and Shanghai, street food, the street markets — that it almost feels overwhelming. However many sights in the long list has to - to see, the Great wall - non-turnaround. Even more non-turnaround? Overcoming gravity and scale only of one this monumental treasure in silence — instead of shoulder to shoulder with any tourist on some commercialized, crowded section of the Wall.

Teyana Traylor's New Dance Workout


Till this week the sort Neopalpa consisted of the only species of a moth, Neopalpa of the newborn of which actually nothing is known out of his not delighting appearance. The size of the reduced image, with the dark, spotty wings which are turned off back, newborn N. it could be taken for the tousled small fry or tiny, corroded by a moth a butterfly. The sort belongs to wider family, Gelechiidae, twirler of a moth, so-called for their habit to rotation in circles on a surface of leaves. There are more than four thousand five hundred types of twirler of a moth around the world, many of them agricultural wreckers — a coniferous tree of needleminer, the peach boring hammer of a branch, rednecked peanutworm of mol, pink the washed-up aristotelia. The newborn occupies with Neopalpa range from California to northern Mexico, but that it does there not clearly as the moth isn't well studied, and only several copies exist in museum collections, including one restored from tomato.

On Wednesday, however, Vatsrikk Natsari, the entomologist and the evolutionary biologist in Ottawa, has reported that on closer control one kind of Neonata equals actually to two which are closely connected. This type of the announcement usually wouldn't draw attention — taxonomists make such discoveries of fine tooth all the time — except that Natsari has made the decision to call new kinds of Neopalpa donaldtrumpi for a distinctive wave of yellow-white scales which flows the cascade from the head of a moth forward. "In these scales the author has found the amusing reference to Mr. Trump's hairstyle", has written to Natsari in the press release. The news which are quickly reflected through social media and users of Twitter very much tried to decide what detail was the most ready to a metaphor — that mol meksikano-American; the fact that it is other than the cousin partially by means of his especially small genitals; or it as all moth, it has a habit to aspiration directly on a flame.


by the places reserved for high-ranking officials, out of point where Donald Trump was noticeable from far away, people crowded around Jumbotron as tailgaters around a grill. The mood was thoughtless and informal, contrast with that from protesters far and compulsory friendliness of republicans and democrats on the stage on Trump's Inauguration. Someone has lit a joint and teenagers in a green camouflage, Trump's hats giggled in aroma. The sky was gray as slops, being spat by a rain, but nobody complained. In "non-ticketed" parts of Natsionalnaya Avenue where Trump's supporters had space to wander and be surprised to their success, Washington which is felt, within several hours as the house.

Many museums and offices have been closed per day, having given to Washington strange emptiness. More than ninety percent of the District of Columbia didn't vote for Trump, thus, most of people on Mall on Friday morning traveled a long way. Entering, the woman in a blue windbreaker twirled the head to take in Panera on one side of the street and Starbucks on another. "I love all bakeries. Damned", she has told. Lines of safety which were short have attracted several peace protesters with signs: "Trump of Niyet". "Cancel and Replace Trump". "It isn't normal". Three young fans Trampa, fluctuating between red cycles of a bicycle action, mocked at the person holding a sign which has told, "Trump - the Insult of our Intelligence". One of those by bicycles has told, "He is a billionaire! How many money you have reached?" The graceful elderly woman in Trump's scarf tried to soften things. "Good morning! Enjoy yourselves!" she has told.

Emma Roberts wishes to Evan Peters happy birthday on Instagram

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters had their take-off and falling, but assessment on their Instagram, they are more on what ever. As today birthday of Evan, you know that calls for absolutely special type of celebration.

Considering that in 2017, no birthday is full without public expression of gratitude in Instagram, Emma wasn't able to allow day to pass, without devoting mail to Evan on Instagram. Shout the star of Queens has divided sweet story about a romantic holiday they once, had in Rome. "Happy birthday she has placed the guy who has given me a pork back trip from the Colosseum to our hotel because my legs hurt" on 'gram.

We are the asked girls for their council for the president Trump

Today Donald Trump became a president. It is strange time to be a woman in America, and it is definitely stranger time to be the young girl who still tries to understand what it means to be a woman in America.

Adults spend a lot of zapudrivaniye of brains of payment of time by the way by which the policy will affect the next generation, thus, we have decided to go to that generation directly. We spoke with group of young girls, between age 7 and 18, and have asked them all the same a question: If you could tell one thing to the new president what it would be? All of them have treated appointment really seriously (one pupil of elementary grades really used an opportunity to offer the national program of distribution of a zephyr — but to be fair, it is not the awful idea).

It is remarkable that national young people, imagining the conversation with the leader of the free world, feeling forced to remind him of the simple schoolyard operate: Be fair. Be good. Don't hurt people. But it is more, than something, this implementation has reminded us that the policy is simple. Adults can discuss a complexity of foreign policy and structure of tax system while they are no more mad, than hell — and they have to because it is how this whole thing works. But it is valid, all of us just want that our country was the good place to live for as it is possible the bigger number of people, and for our president to be noble, receiving, and perhaps a little wise.

Anyway, Mr. Trump, here the fact that girls would like that you knew:

"I would tell, Mr. president when you on duty, I hope that you consider the general point of view and you think of what all were through. Be attentive and to be kind to others. Leadership with pride of your country and all various people in him". — Sofie, 13

The begun statement "I love you" too Soon? Here precisely, how to deal

When your S.O. begins to say that "I love you" for comfort too soon, it can throw you serious curveball. When your relations went well some time, it is natural to assume that the L-bomb is going to be dumped at some point. But when you aren't ready to meet them halfway how you how it is supposed, react?

If you know that your relations - there is more casual thing for you, it makes sense to reduce a bait and the movement before don't correspond to your corresponding feelings any more. But if you actually like your S.O. (despite their obvious inability to read pancake the room), things can become a little more difficult.

"It is difficult because, especially at early stages of the relations, pacing and the choice of time it is really very important", the psychologist of the relations Karin Anderson, the doctor of philosophy, "Says it so easier and less awkward if you are on the same speed".

Women working full-time in the United States make 79 cents for every dollar men earn

It is usually quoted statistical size which is earned by women, working full time in the United States does 79 cents for each dollar by men, but the new research shows that the number considerably differs from the woman to the woman. For women is higher on an office ladder, color women, and — according to the new research NerdWallet — women in the West, the South and the Midwest, the interval of the salary is even worse.

The place has analysed 2007–2015 American data of Bureaus of a census to define how many monetary women and men in various states did. Wyoming where women, on average, made only 64 cents for each dollar of the man have earned was the worst criminal. Louisiana wasn't much better with the women doing 68 cents to dollar. The western Virginia, Utah, Northern Dakota, Montana, Oklahoma, Idaho, Michigan and Ohio — in that order — followed close behind.

What occurs AFTER women's March, even more important, than March

On January 22, 2017 less than 48 hours later after Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, the open tribune will stand left, and streets will be still covered with splinters of the tossed coffee cups and the torn posters and the used fabrics. Crowds will go on houses, and our country will stumble during a new era: one, at present, first of all expected with fear, mistrust and a disorder.

This year the huge proportion of that crowd has arrived to Washington to be a part of what appears as the most influential demonstration and demonstration of unity since elections: Women's March on Washington.

Redhead Emoji

Raise a hand (but not with to be engaged in truck farming by the girl 🙋 because you don't have one) if you ever felt personally pursued by lack of bright, beautiful red hair on your keyboard of an emodza. Since the last big update of an emodza red have got stuck everywhere, trying to solve meanwhile to be light or the brunette to express their preferable feelings. It would be desirable to hope, it is going to end nevertheless.

Jeremy Berdzh of Podkomissii Emodzi has sent official request for red-haired emodz in Technical Committee Unicode (group which has the last word on what comes to an end on your keyboard tools). The next meeting of UTC arranged by Apple is planned for the next week.

The British Marling OA on "ungrateful, careless, signed" roles for women and why women - creators are so important

Explaining OA — the last original series Netflix which will unite a secret with science-fiction elements — to someone who didn't see him is a little similar pulling free thread. You think that you begin with small ("Thus, it about the young woman under the name Prairie who was absent within seven years and then mysteriously comes back"), but then it begins to get confused a little more ("She tells the story which includes events almost of death to group of teenagers and the lonely teacher of high school"). It is too difficult soon to grab ("Allow me to show you this thing called by these five movements!") which is why probably just it is better to test history as it intends to be: in eight strange, radio episodes which take you through life of the Prairie also known as OA.

Brit Marling,

The British Marling who has written, made and played a major role among, has studied it in process in the beginning. "The show thus the extremist and the minimalist at once", was told by her during recent visit of the New York office of the Glamour. "It about everything, and then it also distils to a trifle as a conference of the parental teacher. Thus, how you do space and a conference in the same?" It is cunning, thus, Marling has found the best way to explain that OA to heads of Netflix was, playing "tentpole the moments" personally instead of writing down all this.

That ability to be both an extremist and the minimalist at once, apparently, something, than it always was in life of Marlinga. 33-year-old has begun in the bank world with an internship in Goldman Sachs before to begin to try in Los Angeles her happiness at action. "It became very easy to turn other direction because it is similar to you your live reserve plan at first", she explains vital change. Of course, things didn't consist immediately that it is much better in Los Angeles: The Marling describes roles and listenings for the fighting actresses as "cruel". But those events have forced it to understand whether she wanted the best roles, she had to begin to create own contents. Eventually, after a long journey of "risk and treachery", Marling has written and played a major role in India of the sharp change in price for papers Other Earth and a sound of my Voice in 2011 which has received it noticed. And now? She is a hit show star on popular stream service and finding that her "ambitious and possibly impossible" the project which has paid.

Here, Marling says to us as she has made it. To continue to read.

Photos: What is the dress of Melania Trump?

 the dress of Melania Trump

There was a lot of assumption, surrounding a question whom Melanija Trump will make the decision to design the inaugural equipment. Many followers of fashion had money on Ralph Lauren and Karl Lagerfeld. They were right concerning the first; Mrs. Trump has directed a blue suit of Jackie Kennedy from John F. Kennedy's inauguration of 1961 in Ralph Lauren's style. But her introductory dress of a sphere? It has been created by the former creative director of Carolina Herrera, Hervé Pierre — and the new First lady of the USA. The statement issued by office of the first lady said that the dress "Has been developed by Hervé Pierre and Melanija Trump".

Friday, 20 January 2017

Collisions burst in Sopore after Friday prayers

Sopore: Collisions have burst in the field of Jamia Masjid Sopore after Friday Congregational prayers between protesting and government forces.
The shouting anti-forces and slogans of pro-freedom, hundreds of youth have taken on streets out of Jamia masjid in Sopore sson after prayers.
Protesters, mainly youth which has gathered about Dzheymiya Mesdzhid Road, has begun to throw stones into forces which in reply used heavy shelling of tear gas to disseminate them.
Witnesses have told that forces in the area have taken the answer-back measures, having highly thrown shells of tear gas and sound grenades to disseminate the young people throwing a stone.
About any wounds haven't reported still, however collisions continued when reports have last time entered.

insufficiently in loss for Wizards Swept big quarter

Cortney Li Niks wants that the league investigated the Magic assistant trainer: the "fooling" Cortney Li thought that the person shouting in his ear was a Magic defender. Only it was the resisting trainer who, according to Li, has to be investigated by NBA for possible secret tactics. Video has confirmed that the Magic assistant Sidney Lowe has got up from the Magic bench, has stepped into court and has begun to shout as Li has been placed along the line on 3 points for potential communication of the game shot in final seconds of defeat of New York with the score 113-110 for Wizards. - New York Deyli News

Carmelo Antony breaks a record of club of Niks with 25 points in one quarter: the perebivaniye the admirer Niks has induced Carmelo Antony to start the work Consisting of stars in the second quarter on Thursday night - type of a prize of the flash noticed from the few in the history of NBA. But in the same way as his offer on the starting lineup Consisting of stars, Anthony's violation has come to an end in failure and has approached short in one more shattering loss of Niks. - New York Deyli News

Romanians are afraid the worst for the nurse in an avalanche

Search and rescue teams maintain hope for stay survived an avalanche which has buried hotel at most under five meters (15 feet) of snow.

The rescuer Lorenzo Galyardi has told the SKY of TG24 that "we hope that the ceiling has collapsed partially in some places and that someone remained below".

Rescue operations were interfered by difficulty at access to remote Rigopiano hotel which has been buried in an avalanche approximately with 30 people in day of Wednesday. Workers cleared the seven-kilometer (5.5-mile) road to enter heavier equipment, but it can address only with one-way traffic.

The Alpine rescuer of the case Milan Walter has told the SKY what they considered whether to transport more personnel in helicopter as has been made on Thursday.

tennis: Evans has the best result of a Grand Slam tournament, Tomic of blows

The last from the Australian Open on Friday (local all cases):

Daniel Evans has reached the fourth round on the Australian Open for the first time and has achieved him the best result of a Grand Slam tournament with 7-5, 7-6 (2), with the score 7-6 (3), a victory over Bernard Tomik, beating out the last Australian man from single games pulls.

The match has been suspended in the 10th game of the third set on Evans's giving when the pouring rain has begun to fall, having forced organizers to close a roof on Hisense Arena.

Evans has taken the lead with the score 5-3 in the extra time which is adjusted a match point with the reflected winner of volley then has imprisoned him when Tomic netted blow on the right.

It was hard for Evans who has lost Sydney International final last week to Gilles Müller in previous years on the Australian Open. He had the right for the main draw, but has lost in the first round last year and has lost in the second round of qualification and in his two other attempts to prepare in 2010 and in 2014.

Pouring rain, possible Friday through Sunday

You will be prepared for a rain... it is a lot of rain.

Moderated to in local scale to souls of a pouring rain it will be capable to production of heavy heavy rains and some the contained flood problems in low areas this morning, according to the dangerous weather statement from National meteorological service.

The threat of a rain will be narrowed by the middle of morning.

Then strong by serious storm it will be possible through the region on Saturday afternoon and evening, the weather service has declared. The main threats with these storm will cause damage to winds, a hail and in local scale to a pouring rain.

Isolated by a tornado it can't be excluded, according to a weather service, mainly along the southern Plath Cumberland and southeast Tennessee.

The additional round strong by slightly serious thunder-storms is possible Sunday afternoon, the dangerous weather statement proceeded. In local scale the pouring rain for days off and in the beginning of the next week can call some the contained flood problems.

The forecast today cloudy with 30 percent chance of flourishes in the morning, then partially solar in the afternoon. Maxima will be in the mid-sixties with the southern winds of 10 miles an hour or less.

Tonight it will be mainly cloudy with decreases in lower the 50th. Winds will be the southern at10 mph or less.

Accusers of South Korea call other head of Samsung

The special prosecutor's office of South Korea has declared on Friday that she has called the head of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd for poll as she investigates the extending scandal trading racing in influence which has involved the president Park Geun-hye.

The office has told that Sung-sua of poll at 14:00 (5:00 GMT) on Friday has called the executive vice-president Khvan, having added that he has been classified as the witness. It hasn't specified.

A bit of sun and mild today; clouds and rain later in the evening: the forecast for Kate Thornton


- Chance of a sunlight this morning during the beginning of day.
- Moderate, maxima of 40-45 degrees.
- A rain an evening trip for work.
- Temperatures remain higher normal during days off.
- Cold air slowly comes back next week.
- Unresolved downpours of feature of the meteorological chart and snowfalls most part of the next week.