Thursday, 19 January 2017

Secret 2017:The reference book of the swindler on growth of your eyebrows in 2017

There is a photo me in a student's part of actions of my year-book of high school in which I carry the children's thrifted size a thermal shirt (it were the 90th), and sitting in library, glancing over the book. Ordinary in structure, it is allocated in memory — not so for nostalgia of youth, but because it was the first time when I have understood that I sverkhshchipat eyebrows. Recently having bought an increase mirror to facilitate meticulous removal of separate hair from my genetically high arches, my dark-black eyebrows so thin, thus pointed, I am similar to the angry stepmother who is obviously conceived by Disney.

Opening didn't exert really impact to prevent me to model two dismembered wings of a bat on both sides from my bridge of a nose in college. But when I have moved to New York in early aughts, I was given intervention in time of the improvised meeting with the guru of an arch Jimena Garcia. "You have to grow an eyebrow", she has told. "Then just repeat them with gel, thus, they look wild".

I took shares — especially after Jimena has presented me to force of a coloring of vegetable dye changing the rule of the game. She is the only person who has touched my eyebrows for last 12 years which is why she squealed with admiration when I have shown directly before new year that I wanted to take ours to grow up the scheme one step forward, and stop clearing small hair below my natural line of a forehead, also — Taylor's movement Hill-inspireda meant to eliminate risk of the look which is too "made" (my final fear of beauty of 2017).

"It is a tendency right now", Jimena says to me in salon Fulton Street of Tenoverten. "In the psychological relation where we as people, we is just valid in that freedom of to release". This "releasing" can land, you on the right side of the twin Olsen – or Kaia Gerber-keliber eyebrows are the added incentive. But it also goes with painful, "grow up" a phase as I have learned in the last month exhausted by the openings which are horizontally focused by pods and big uncertainty. The "wild" look is everything well and good while you are simply not similar to a slovenly disorder.

While real, true let grow, can take the whole year, "You see a huge difference for six - eight weeks are - the firmest hump", Jimena explains. "You just have to find things to support your eyebrows while they look disobedient". Things as filling of heterogeneity with growth serum, such as RevitaBrow or laced up by wax have painted gel as an excellent Forehead of the Boy Glossir; examination that the friend has undergone refusal of tweezers together with you; or transfer around a picture of your eyebrows of a dream (Lourdes Leon!) as a reminder of for what all awkward, hard work.

"You have to have a strategy", Jimena insists, advising regular registration with the groomer of a forehead every month by two months, for long formation and a coloring which "will produce down" and will allow you to see the increasing progress. When to shchipnut an instant impulse it seems insuperable, distracting with a bright habit of a lip of the statement — or color ink as Marc Jacobs's Beauty About! Mega the Blow by a lash Volumizing Ink of All About Yves — is the help.

Having just struck a seven-week mark, I can confirm that fight was real. But I at last turn a corner: On an action last week in the Downtown, playing with various products through YouCam Cosmetics the virtual application of cosmetics, the technical specialist has chosen one of previously loaded forehead filters that "to finish my look" — the thin, flat, lifeless line which turned pale in comparison with the wild, but rich thickness which I can call proud own now.

The turning-out pictures — my invariable at the left and mine in a digital form an expanded avatar on the right — have submitted to a selfie one more image which will forever be selected in my memory: for the first time I have actively chosen "before" the photo.

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