Tuesday, 17 January 2017

There are poryalochny people, is!

Three days ago. Carried the daughter from school. On the road the daughter / to her / has come 10 years into shop. From shop to the house of 300 meters. She goes near car, wishes to walk. I go slowly. From outside looks that the adult uncle persuades the child to get into the car. The back attaches BHa. I begin to think what this cinema, has barked at the daughter. She sits down. The man from a bekha has gone round, left, has approached, speaks...
The girl, who for you this uncle?
What is his name?
I speak that also called a surname. After that I have shown the driving license. And with words of gratitude has shaken hands with him. MAN! THANKS! I WILL NEVER PASS BY SUCH PICTURE. I PROMISE. IT CAN be WITH EVERYONE.
There are poryalochny people, is!

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