Saturday, 21 January 2017

Samsung Electronics declares to consider Galaxy Note 7 briefings on January 23

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has declared that it will declare on January 23 results of a research on what has forced some Galaxy Note of 7 smartphones to light up as the firm seeks to recover from one of the biggest failures of safety of goods in technical history.

Samsung has declared that his heads and independent experts will disclose the results at a press conference in Seoul and that the company will present new measures which have been carried out to prevent repeated incidents.

The head him, mobile business, Dong-jin Koh which announced the initial Note in September 7 responses will be present at a briefing, Samsung, has reported in the statement on Friday.

The person familiar with a question has told the Reuters Agency this week earlier that investigation of Samsung has found that the battery was the main cause the well-known 7 fires. [nL4N1F60AH]

The best producer of smartphones has to assure consumers of the world that his devices are safe to recover for the company from the planned hit for nearly $5.20 billion to his operating profit on the Note 7 crash more than three quarters.

Investors say that Samsung has to offer a convincing explanation of fires before start of his Galaxy the S8 smartphones expected once in the first half.

The company originally announced a response about 2.5 million Notes of 7 phones in September and has defined fire reason as a production problem in one of her suppliers, after identified as Samsung SDI Co Ltd branch.

But the new Note, 7 with with what was declared by Samsung were safe batteries from various supplier, continued to light up, forcing firm to stop sales constantly. The firm in October has declared that it investigates all possible reasons and has employed third-party firms as a part of her research.

Samsung Electronics has declared today that it will announce on January 23 the reason why 7 smartphones have overheated her Galaxy Note and have lit up.

The announcement will be livestreamed on Chinese, English and Korean on his websites. Koch Doon-chzhin, the mobile president of Samsung, will report research details.

Galaxy Note 7 was fiasco for the largest producer of smartphones in the world. Samsung has remembered and eventually has stopped it after numerous messages on him overheating and fire.

Originally, Samsung has declared that it has found that the small mistake for some batteries in phones was guilty of production.

It has replaced phones with the new battery, but those replaced phones, also superheated and, have lit up, having induced Samsung to take out phones from the market. That cost of Samsung at least 5 billion US dollars.

The announcement appears after the South Korean court dismissed yesterday a request of accusers to arrest the vice-chairman of Samsung Li Dzhe-yon the successor.

Li, the successor of a conglomerate and the actual head, is under examination for alleged bribery in connection with the scandal trading racing in influence which has led to an impeachment of the president Park Geun-hye.

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