Saturday, 21 January 2017

Mumbai civil polls: Sharpening of Sena-BJP rejects each other formulas dividing the place

The deadlock on division of the place for Mumbai civil elections between ruling participants of the union in Maharashtra, BJP and Sharpening of Sena, proceeded even after three rounds of negotiations today.
Anil Desai of Sharpening of Sena and Mumbai which the head of BJP Ashish Sheler has declared after today's round of negotiations that two parties have rejected the proposals of each other dividing the place.

BJP wanted 114 places from full 227 while it Seong was ready to recognize only 60 places him to the partner. Now the decision on the union will be made top-level by the president of the head of the government and Shiva Seny Addkhevom Thackeray of Devendra Fednevis, these two leaders have declared.

Addkhev Thackeray has established on January 21 as a deadline to wrap up negotiations on the union for polls on February 21.

Thackeray already declared that he clearly will let know the stand on the union in his appeal to Sharpening of Sainiks in the Shanmukhanand Hall on January 23, anniversary since the birth of the late head of Sena Bel Thackeray.
The BJP teams including Sheler and the state ministers Prakash Mehta and Vinod Tod and the command of Seine submitted by the member of parliament of Rajya Sabha Anil Desai and legislators Anil Parab and Ravindra Mirlekar conduct negotiations.

The office of Mumbai is ready BJP with the list of 512 probable candidates for 227 places. The list has been prepared by committee on the elections headed by Shelar and inclusion of 29 participants, and the committee has authorized Shelar to make the decision on the final list, has told a party source.
BJP has received applications from 2,500 applicants. Whole have been chosen 1,769 after the research and the list 512 has been complete after carefully thought over discussions has told a source.
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