Saturday, 21 January 2017

What occurs AFTER women's March, even more important, than March

On January 22, 2017 less than 48 hours later after Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, the open tribune will stand left, and streets will be still covered with splinters of the tossed coffee cups and the torn posters and the used fabrics. Crowds will go on houses, and our country will stumble during a new era: one, at present, first of all expected with fear, mistrust and a disorder.

This year the huge proportion of that crowd has arrived to Washington to be a part of what appears as the most influential demonstration and demonstration of unity since elections: Women's March on Washington.

The sensation gathering about a March has easily surpassed Beyonce in super expectations of a break between Bowl times. The number of defendants, at present, is well more than 200,000, and some estimates specify that on duty there could be twice that number. Lists of the expected famous participants circulate. It is more than t-shirts and big bags, than any population could be used, have been especially developed, sold and sold through network. Try to go anywhere on the Internet and not to face the message about #WhyIMarch, or where to urinate in the District of Columbia or how many hats of a cat the grandmother in Iowa has connected. To lean the elbows on a cliche, energy is notable. Washington pulses with a call.

It is all so fantastic, I want to shout the main, frightening skeleton a triumph roar. It is the huge first step for women in what will be infernal four years' battle for our basic rights. But my great fear consists that after we have taken hands and sang, have waved signs and have approached in collective heat of thousands of similarly conceiving ladies, there will be one moaning of the main issue on back parts of our minds: What now? There will be a jump of emotion and a catharsis which has sent us going along streets, turn into memory or motivation?

Only one catharsis, or only one solidarity, or only one freedom of expression is all valid and inspiring points of action for a meeting of women in this scale. There is nothing incorrectly with use of balm to the wounds in volume 2016 left at our collective hearts. After year in which the first candidate for the president has lost in the shocking turn of events and the person who is available about sexual encroachment and openly worsens women, has taken office instead, it is valid very little to ask that women just had space to unite to grieve or embrace or plan. If thousands of a holiday of women, feeling repeatedly exaggerated and excited, then it has to be enough.

But it is precipitate to assume that March - the support moment, in what we appear with completely created plan to protect us and our communities. If we don't do it so — and we have to.

Last week was already potentially having catastrophic consequences for the American women — and Trump has even not been sworn in. The Congressman had a courage to offer the six-week ban of abortion, saying that Dig against Veyd "has been unconstitutionally solved" (it wasn't) and that with his account, "If heartbeat is revealed, the child is protected". The congress has doubled a rate on their plans to deprive of financing the American federation of planning of a family. To Tom Price who wouldn't know IUD if he has bitten him in a nose, have given hearing before the statement in the Senate for a post of the Minister for Health and Social Welfare.

These four years after March will be a series of the imposed failures, battles and attacks on even the main of the rights of women. The elected president and the republican Congress are started to establish the conservative Judge of the Supreme Court which, most likely, Roy against Veyd will hope to overturn; lower to the Obamacare previous level and the release of her condition existing earlier which keeps social and economically poor women insured and guarantees that pregnant women support lighting without extravagant increases in rates; deprive of financing the American federation of planning of a family which, irrespective of your views of abortion, offers medical care to nearly 3 million women every year; and perhaps reduce implementation of the Name IX, the vehicle through which the government can control and influence as universities address with sexual encroachment of a campus.

And it doesn't include many areas in which progress will stop as work which addresses to national or on the scale of the state to the compulsory paid leave, gender inequality of a payment and expenses on care of children. Women's March has to be practical implementation just as emotional if the campaigns operated by the citizen to stop deterioration in our basic rights have to work. We have to meet Trump and the Congress on the playground.

We are full of hopes now because the worst hasn't occurred yet. Good news - the fact that we are absent before this storm. It is for this purpose vital that women left March ready to lose many battles along with way, but ready to soil hands with good old-fashioned work of the continuing movement of a protest.

There are uncountable ways which we can dig and remind Trump daily that even if we don't shout in front of the White House, we, of course, aren't going to worsen and go down to second-rate citizens in our own country. Leaders of feministic community as Gloria Steinem, Cécil Richards and Alicia Garza have already made the beginning with a town hall planned for night of Saturday called, "Where We Do we Go From here", has devoted to the uniting women and planning future activity. The ticket buys you council directly from Mrs. Steinem.

Adjust automatic donations to the organizations which struggle with Trump and regressive plans of the Congress concerning women. It is easy to make it and guarantees steady support. Look for the found schedule for local town halls. Visit them. Assistants to politicians have allowed uncountable times what effective strategy it.

Program phone numbers of the senators and the representative in your camera. You call to state your displeasure (or gratitude) for any and each reason which speaks with you. Again, assistants to the politician have specified as far as it really matters. Support — both financially and differently — candidates with pro-women make entry who runs for local and on the scale of the state elections. Control of buildings of legislature of the state fluctuated significantly to republicans in recent years. And you perhaps more mentioned in decisions on the building of legislature of the state, than the Congress. Demand that people who believe in gender equality represented you.

Continue to organize, goes. They, obviously, work.

Next day after March I only want to read the inspired event about hope, I want to read about the action plan which we have created to turn March into the movement, not memory.

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