Saturday, 21 January 2017

The leader of Chattanooga Dzhumouk Johnson, 23, killed under a hail of bullets on Friday night

The charismatic person who has made on his teachers an impression at High school of Breynerd, but hasn't escaped from three generations of gangs and poverty, has been killed during firing and road accident on Friday night.

Dzhumouk Johnson, 23, has risen by categories of the Goal of 60 Chips as the teenager. He was a clever child, the natural leader, and was a senior at high school when he at first has been presented in the Free press "Tayms".

The police has reported that it was the central figure of gang, dark compound of thread of firefight and the agreement on medicine across East Chattanooga everywhere. They have told that he has ordered hits, participated in firing from moving transport and shot at the person behind the head — but they couldn't prove it.

In 2012 Johnson has told the newspaper that he wanted to change, demanded to enter the best way, to enter the institute, or armed forces, or somewhere.

After that history has been published, the anonymous donator has offered Johnson a free trip to college in Alabama, and he has gone – but has been expelled after one semester and it has appeared back in streets of Chattanooga.

In 2013 he has been arrested during a cocaine distribution sting which has also trapped more than 30 other men. In January, 2015 he has pled guilty to the only charge on the case of drugs and has been sentenced more than to five years of imprisonment.

Last week Johnson has run away from federal half-way house on Makkalli Avenue and has reduced his GPS monitor.

On Friday he has died under a hail of bullets on E. 12th Street. Christopher Woodard, 20, has been also killed.

Witnesses have told that one vehicle pursued another down, the street around 20:00 and shots have been exchanged. The forward car has crashed and has put from above other vehicle.

Woodard and Johnson were dead by then when the police has arrived — and have been shot and wounded in accident, the police has reported. Woodard was out of prison in touch for charges of a robbery.

They - the first two persons who will be killed in Chattanooga during 2017.

The city saw 33 murders during 2016.

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