Friday, 20 January 2017

'Let's care for someone who doesn't belong to our tribe'

We could use small positive news at present, correctly? Here you go:

For last three years we are written much about Fresno in general, one of not glamourous cities of Central Valley of California which resists its way as technology and the cultural center, and about Bitwise Industries in particular. Bitwise about which we wrote here, here, and here, is one of several organizations for all country (as the Iron Yard in Greenville, South Carolina, both the Radius and the Epic and others in Erie, Pennsylvania) which conduct the ideas to create opportunities in the areas left behind; from expansion of those opportunities to the people left behind; and meanwhile the help reconstructs downtowns and brings a sense of style and an opportunity to their cities.
Old hotel Virginia in the downtown of Fresno, the last place of expansion with technical firm of incubator-and-training in Bitwise Industry name

Yesterday in Fresno, Bitwise made other big announcement of physical expansion integrated with the social and civil purpose. Physical expansion was a strong growth of the business to several more historical structures in the downtown, including Virginia hotel and old warehouses.

In the history Tim Sheehan at the Bee of Fresno was told about the announcement:

Poryazryadno, false "mothership of technological education, a cooperation and innovations" in Fresno, declared on Wednesday that it will grow up … in three additional websites....

And for the first time, Poryazryadno includes a residential component in its plans – the four-storeyed, apartment house with 28 modules near the state Central building.

"This big. I like the fact that they enter the real estate – the residential party of things", told Aaron Blair, the president of the Downtown of Fresno partnership, at a press conference where announced the project... Expansion considerably will work in, but not completely will satisfy, the Digit-by-digit list of a priority of the companies software developers and technological companies for the whole 500,000 square feet of office.

As for social and civil aspirations behind expansion, it is worth reading the manifesto of the open letter of founders Bitviz, Irma Olguin and Jake Soberel. They directly don't address national policy of the moment, but they shan't:

According to any objective standard Bitwise works. But Bitwise not is almost enough. Though it can remove economy of our area to new heights, it will mean nothing if we also don't make the decision to be good. We shall construct the economic engine which creates workplaces and an opportunity much? Absolutely. Bitwise can be it. But really to cure our city we - all of us - shall rise also to be people which endures various type of advantage.

It won't be enough if Bitwise makes that the technology made in other cities … to us if all hubbub which we create, not together with culture of acceptance, reservoirs and hearts then we didn't create the best version us.
The drawing of a concept for means of Bitwise the state warehouse of the Center.

But the history shan't finish that way. Fresno and Bitwise, can differ. We differed before ….

It is America. It is our originality. And that the world doesn't forget, we imprinted it there, at the bottom of the Charter of Svoboda:

Give me tired, the poor,

Your pushed masses which is very wanting to breathe free

Unfortunate garbage of your abounding coast.

Send them, the homeless, temptest-tost to me …

Translation: "Dear Mir, We are people whom you threw out as a junk, and from us we create the great people. Please, send more than 'junk'".

These our ideals. We can endure these ideals. We can inflate bravery, rather big to create something else better in Fresno. Bitwise can help us to be economically successful, and the history which we divide can help us to be considerably good.

Let's show to others thing.

Let's care for someone who doesn't belong to our tribe.
Let's care for someone who doesn't belong to our tribe. A useful thought during this moment, from the successful technical entrepreneurs building the following Fresno and the following America.

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