Saturday, 21 January 2017

We are the asked girls for their council for the president Trump

Today Donald Trump became a president. It is strange time to be a woman in America, and it is definitely stranger time to be the young girl who still tries to understand what it means to be a woman in America.

Adults spend a lot of zapudrivaniye of brains of payment of time by the way by which the policy will affect the next generation, thus, we have decided to go to that generation directly. We spoke with group of young girls, between age 7 and 18, and have asked them all the same a question: If you could tell one thing to the new president what it would be? All of them have treated appointment really seriously (one pupil of elementary grades really used an opportunity to offer the national program of distribution of a zephyr — but to be fair, it is not the awful idea).

It is remarkable that national young people, imagining the conversation with the leader of the free world, feeling forced to remind him of the simple schoolyard operate: Be fair. Be good. Don't hurt people. But it is more, than something, this implementation has reminded us that the policy is simple. Adults can discuss a complexity of foreign policy and structure of tax system while they are no more mad, than hell — and they have to because it is how this whole thing works. But it is valid, all of us just want that our country was the good place to live for as it is possible the bigger number of people, and for our president to be noble, receiving, and perhaps a little wise.

Anyway, Mr. Trump, here the fact that girls would like that you knew:

"I would tell, Mr. president when you on duty, I hope that you consider the general point of view and you think of what all were through. Be attentive and to be kind to others. Leadership with pride of your country and all various people in him". — Sofie, 13

"Be good to girls". — Abigail, 7

"Have respect. I want that he had respect for the colleagues, had respect for minorities, and the most important, had respect for women. Trump can't expect to be respected by those who don't feel respected by him". — Anna, 18 years

"You don't spoil our friendship with Cuba". — Mari, 8

"If I could tell one thing to Donald Trump, I would ask him a question. I would ask How you are going to make America big, ignoring women, color and the marginalized communities and without taking their voice into account? Sad to tell, I don't feel optimistical rather new president. However I really feel optimistical concerning all young people, over all country organizing and uniting to force to hear myself. It is our world also, and we are going to fight for what is correct, and make everything that it takes to guarantee that all feel safe and protected in our changing society". — Mickeala, 17

"If have given chance to ask future president Trump one question, it would be, 'What precisely does the president of the stand of the United States for?' The president just stays for the country and freedoms for her citizens — the citizens coming from all sectors of society, such how counteracting and being at a great disadvantage?" — Nelgie, 18

"I want that Donald Trump knew that my generation of young people doesn't recede; we want equality. Lack of investigation which you have imparted some adult won't be imparted to our young minds because as Martin Luther King has told once, 'Darkness can't force out darkness, only light can make it'". — Kuniya, 16

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