Friday, 20 January 2017

'It is a few wonky, but still has a lot of life in him': The inhabitant tries 'to sell' the broken bridge on eBay - and gets $100,000 in rates

  • The announcement of eBay for the broken Yuzhny Avtodorozhny Bridge of Adelaide has appeared on Friday
  • Rates have flown up from $1 more than to $100,000 before the announcement has been dropped
  • the representative of eBay has declared that satirical announcements on the auction website will be removed

The angry inhabitant sent cheerful advertizing to try 'to sell' the broken transition to eBay - and even earned $100,000 before it was dumped. 
The announcement of eBay for defective Yuzhny Avtodorozhny Bridge of Adelaide which caused sluggish traffic congestion, announced transition as 'a few wonky, but still has a lot of life in it'.

'We have paid $30,000,000 for it nine years ago, and it simply doesn't go to sute (so) the purpose more', Richard Keynes has written.
'Make the excellent bridge of a farm for receiving those milkmaids through a stream'.
Bidders were bystra to express opinion on a plug with one making of the counter offer.

'You will exchange him for mine '86 Commodores of VL of Holden' who have pulled the answer: 'It has received mags?'
The announcement was pulled right after 15:30 with the representative of eBay declaring that any satirical announcements will be removed. 
The bridge has been closed on Wednesday morning after the fallen fragments from the bridge have been defined below. It as expect, will undergo repair work on Saturday.

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