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Expensive houses for sale

The former house of the founder of Ryanair Tony Ryan sold for a little more than €12 million last October, becoming the most expensive property sold through the state in 2016.

Magnificent Lyons Possession in Celbridge, Co Kildare, has been sold on October 4 last year for just part of its original required price. In 2009 two years later after Mr. Ryan has died, it has been estimated at €60 million.

The house was among 511 housing objects of property sold more than for €1 million last year, the analysis of a show of the Register of Real estate price.

It shows that the number of houses of high level, trading in hands has increased almost by 8 personal computers within a year. In 2015 about €474 1 million - plus houses have been sold.

The register shows full reduction in the amount of the objects of property sold during 2016. It happens because of a combination of factors, including the Central bank, providing rules which have affected abilities of buyers to provide a mortgage, together with low rate of new housing construction.

But the register shows that in the top end of the market, the requirement brisk. No wonder, the capital and surrounding districts continue to attract more buyers who are looking for the magnificent house.

From €511 1 million - plus houses which sold during 2016, 455 were in Dublin accompanied 17 in Wicklow, seven in Kildare and three in Meath.

Outside the bigger Dublin region, 18 have been sold in the Stopper. There were three in Kerry, two in Wexford and one everyone in Limerick, Clare, Westmeath, Waterford, Tipperary and Sligo.

The total amount of investments into these houses was up to standard of nearly €838 million with the average selling price of €1.6 million everyone.

Lyons demesne, Celbridge, Co Kildare
Here we depict in general the best 10 most expensive houses, sold last year, according to the register.

The most expensive house the former boss of Ryanair Tony Ryan £3.5 million (€4.4 million) when he has bought it in 1996 has sold last year, this condition of date since the 17th century and cost. He has spent about £80 million (€101 million) subsequently, having returned him him to former magnificence.

Sale has been finished on October 4 last time, and reports of the Register of Real estate price that she has brought €12,073,334. It was on books Knight Frank. Considered by one of the most considerable states in the country, it has been bought UCD in the 1960th before being sold to Mr. Ryan.

Except state gardens, it also shows the supplied lake, horse-breeding center, galopa, stables and five lodges.

2: Alston, 9 Templ Road, Dartry, Dublin 6

Sold for €8.725 million on May 18 last year, Alston sits on one acre, and the separate transaction, apparently, includes an adjacent carriage shed. It brings a sign of the total cost for both properties to €10.2 million.

The house has been sold by the lawyer Vincent Foley and his wife, Helen who lived in property since the end of the 1980th. It was on books of the Sherry of FitzGerald.

Among neighbors there are Brazilian and Nigerian ambassadors, and also John Dorrance of III, the billionaire behind the empire of soup of Campbell.

3: 'dominic's' of St., 5 Gardens of the Temple, Dublin 6

The family house of the late lawyer and former Attorney-General Rory Brady, the property sold for €6.5 million on April 22 lasts. Big has separated from a red brick, 'St. Dominique sits on one third of an acre and is located on one of the most expensive streets of the country. The sherry of FitzGerald was agents.

4: Beula, Herbur Road, Dalkey, co Dublin

Sold on September 15 for €6 million, the house on 465 square meters is located on 0.7 hectares and has use of the private harbor in Rocklands, opening views of Dublin the gulf.

Being dated from the 1840th, its previous owners include a family of the wife of the late prime minister Garret Fitzgerald, Joan; a family of Dunlop and the initial owner of retail network Gold Disks, Ted Rogers who has bought the house in the late seventies. The sherry of FitzGerald was agents.

5: 51 Eylesberi Road, Dublin 4

In 1995 this three-storyed certain house on one of the most exclusive streets of the country has been sold for £700,000 (€889,000). On October 28 last time it has brought €5.9 million through FitzGerald Sherry. The property with five beds, expanded to 530 sq.m. for these years, sold for €200,000 is more, than its required price. It includes the parking for five cars and near the residence of the French ambassador.

6 Subiako, 1 garden of the temple, Dublin 6

Sold for €5.85 million on July 1 last, Subiako has a history of command of high prices - in 2006, in the boom heat, it has sold for a little more than €9 million. Sherry Fitzgerald is sold.

7 houses of the hill of Kilbride, Herbert Roud, Bray, Co Wicklow

Sold for €5 million on January 25 last, the two-storeyed house with three gulfs has been built approximately in 1880 and was the former residence of the Danish ambassador.

It is described in the National inventory of Architectural Heritage as existence of "eclectic emergence", and permission to planning works has been found to build 46 houses in the territory. The protected structure, the house it will be kept as the private apartment.

8 'shearwater', Templenoe, Kenmare, Carrey's Co

Sold for €2.7 million on August 3 last, the straw house has been built in 2010 and is located on 6.5 acres in the territory coming to Kenmare the gulf.

It includes self-cleaning windows, the heating which is taking place under a floor and programmable lighting.

9 Houses of the Parish earth, Lisheen, Church Cross, co Stopper

Sold for €2.25 million on March 23, the House of the Parish earth is located on nine acres along the river Ilen and shows boards, tennis courts and a private pier.

Measuring 743 square meters, it has been originally constructed in 1784 as the house of the parish earth for the next church Aughadown. Сэвиллс has sold property.

10 Vudlona, Sunday Vell Road, Cork

Sold on November 18 for €2.195 million, Vudlon - four - the bedroom has separated the property sitting at the top passing Li. The house has been built in the 1830th for O'Sallivens, a family of woolen upholsterers in the city, and includes 1.2 acres of gardens. Sold through Savills.

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