Tuesday, 17 January 2017

call 911

Translated personally so let there will be Tuesday "semi-mine"

"You have called in 911 what your problem consists in?"

"123 Meyn Street"

"OK what occurs there?"

"I would like to order pizza" (well cool, another telephone draw)

"Mem, you have phoned in 911"

"Yes, I know. I can order big pizza. A half of pepperoni and a half with cheese, mushrooms and pepper"

"Mmmm.... I apologize, you precisely understand that you have called in 911?

"Yes, as a lot of time will occupy it?"

"OK, a meme, at you there everything is all right? Whether there is a threat to your health?"

"Yes, indeed" (the understanding moment, admit, up to this point you thought: "well for the silly woman")

". And you can't speak about it because someone another is with you in the room?"

"Yes, everything is right. So what is the time it will borrow?"

"The closest patrol approximately in mile from your place. Whether there is in the house weapon?"


"May you remain with me on the line?"

"Isn't present. I wait for you, thanks"

The dispatcher has punched this address on base and has found numerous cases of arrests for domestic violence. When the officer has arrived to the place, he has seen the woman in bad condition and her drunk boyfriend at once. The boyfriend has been arrested for beatings, and the dispatcher has forever remembered this call.

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