Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The real story, which took place last night with my friend.

Welcome! I'll try to pick you up with his story. The story is 100% real! So:
Night. My friend is sleeping with his young wife (both 23 years) after a hard day's work. In the same room is sleeping their newborn son. Suddenly, at 2 o'clock starts of hell a loud knock on the ceiling. And knock and knock and knock! And above them lives 90 year old woman. The child, of course, woke up ... But what to do? Well do not go to the same fight-grandmother swear in the night. We decided that obozhdet until tomorrow. Well laid back ... And still after knocking. Well, with grief in half trying to sleep on the knock. And then bam! one jumps like crazy crazy and starts shouting: "Why, it's Morse !!! SOS". Listened attentively - though he !!! Distress call! Immediately call to everyone: ambulance, police, Ministry of Emergency Situations. Arrived - ring the door - do not open. MOE through the balcony break into an apartment granny. It turned out that my grandmother - a former military man, it was bad. She lay on the bed and could only reach his wand and started pounding on the floor. Saved grandmother, all right. Now, my friend - my hero flats) takes pride of such a friend!

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