Thursday, 19 January 2017


Happy Inaugural Week! While some people prepare for the potential of loss of their health care after January 20, others accommodate to make metric ton of money as soon as Donald Trump holds the post. While all Wall Street remains rather optimistical concerning Trump's presidency, hedge funds, apparently, follow ahead, circulation long in a number of the risky, high income bets that the 45th president will increase financial expenses and will lower taxes, effectively bringing a public debt, interest rates and inflation. On the Business Devoted person:

In all classes of assets there are "states of emergency in the market", according to Societe Generale which has declared, "the extraordinary arrangement inevitably brings up a question of whether investors before themselves ran".

"Never before hedge funds, so optimistical concerning Russell", Societe Generale has declared. "It would assume that hedge funds are completely convinced that the economic policy of Trump concentrated on protectionism and a financial incentive will work well well for the American small companies of a cap".

The politician Trump, as also expect, will promote the economic growth and construction, bringing benefit to cyclic consumer goods, such as oil and copper. "The environment of growth which is obviously supporting with expansion of a cycle of the economic growth and increasing demand for oil creating the correct conditions to restore OPEC cartel" has told Societe Generale.

While hundreds of thousands of protesters go down to Washington, the District of Columbia, within Women's March, these hedge funds plan to possess an own type of a meeting. They couldn't put on as hundred-dollar banknotes and to stride together with the swimmings having Trump's face, but they will probably celebrate all the same.

Goldman remains gold ...

Last nine weeks were really admiration for Goldman Sachs. Since November 8 his actions have grown together with other stocks and bonds of bank with UBS, having foretold that the president Trump will make bank additional and rich for the next two years. His current and former employees have won numerous high quality provisions in the new government, including without limitation, the National Economic Municipal leader (Gary Kohn), the Minister of Finance (Stephen Mnachin if he can give the hearing before the statement), the senior adviser (Stephen Bennon) and the Assistant to the President (Anthony Skaramuchchi). And today, good news proceeded quickly when Goldman has reported about the income of the fourth quarter and profit of $2.35 billion. For Wall Street Journal:

The income has grown by 12% to $8.17 billion from $7.27 billion the previous year, and three of his four main fields of activity have reported about higher income, than in 2015. The analysts interviewed by Thomson Reuters expected that Goldman Sachs will earn $4.82 for an action on the income of $7.72 billion. This the fifth of six large American banks which have reported still to surpass expectations.

Profitability of own capital of Goldman, measure which very much watch closely of profitability, has reached 11.4% in the fourth quarter. It is the highest of any bank to report about this quarter after to Wells Fargo & Co., the leader of Wall Street recently in that metrics, has fallen as it seeks to recover after scandal of cross sale.

Meanwhile the head of Goldman Lloyd Blankfein has declared in Davos on Wednesday that though he "is much which can go not as it is necessary", he expects that raising of quotations in the market after elections will keep continuation. On it Blankfein and the competitor of K.E.O. Jamie Dimon can agree.

Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank has finished "many one billion dollar" on their penalties

As has been earlier announced, Deutsche Bank will pay $7.2 billion to settle investigation of the Ministry of Justice of his sale of toxic mortgage securities. Unique some kind of distinction, a penalty "presents the biggest resolution for behavior of the only enterprise in the misleading investors in the inhabited securities provided to the mortgage". (It is always good to be number one.) It also means that the board of directors of Deucha will refrain from awards this year while "employees with the names 'vice-president', 'director' and 'executive director' won't get separate awards for 2016", according to Financial Times. Oh, and reductions can arrive, also.

In news on a subject of Credit Suisse "has officially agreed" to his own penalty with the American authorities, in this case for $5.3 billion for the inhabited securities provided to the mortgage which it has sold to clients in the preparatory period to financial crisis:

As a part of settlement which declares the American Ministry of Justice on Wednesday the Zurich bank recognized that mortgage loans which it has united in securities haven't implemented guarantee recommendations with some described employees as "full shit" and [u] tter full garbage".

"The bank recognizes that it knew that it traded racing in investments which will probably fail", the Main second deputy minister of justice Bill Beer in the statement announcing the agreement has declared.


Thanks to a small summer attack of Great Britain madnesses the London bankers are going to offer the Queen and her corgi forgive. For the Reuters Agency:

The chairman of UBS Axel Weber has declared [on Wednesday], about 1,000 of 5,000 employees of the Swiss bank who are based in London could be affected by Breksit while the head of HSBC Stewart Gulliver has declared that the bank will move the state responsible for creation with about one heel of his British trade income to Paris.

Eau de Money

You want to smell as money? Thanks to initiative work the vom Ende Brand, the chemist and the perfumer in Symrise AG, now you can:

Since basic notes of cotton, washed and blackened, Mr. of vom And speaks, cleaning of aroma in the aromas received more than from 100 changeable organic chemicals. It includes the whiff of skin since which is carried out in purses and handbags, a metal strong smell which calls cash registers, salty human sweat and even bacterial and smells of a bathroom.

Mike Buchet, the Frankfurt artist who has authorized aroma search, has told for the first time when he has attached a nose in an early sample, "I felt blow as an electricity push because it smelled in the same way as money. It was invigorating".

Tiffany confers responsibility for bad sales on Trump

At Tiffany & Co. there is the correct mind to a gift Donald Trump of a little blue box containing a brilliant block of coal. For New York Post:

The jeweler of high level has reported that November, and sales in December in his leading location have gone down for 14 percent from the previous year — decrease, "which we attribute, at least, partially to violations of the movement after elections", the company in the statement has reported. The entrance to shop is partially blocked on Fifth Avenue and 57th Street behind the barriers of safety established by police of New York and Secret service to protect high-rise Manhattan home and the main office of the elected president Donald Trump in Trump's Tower, one building to the south.

In other place!

Ex-dealers have found themselves guilty deception of HSBC, Deutsche Bank (Bloomberg)

JPMorgan will pay $55 million to settle mortgage trial of discrimination (W.S.J).

"It - what the house for $250 million to is similar" (Bloomberg)

New sneakers of Lebron James Nike make only $2,053 (N.Y.P).

Dimon: "I am sorry that Chase's card Sapphira Rezerva didn't cost us bigger quantity of money"

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