Tuesday, 17 January 2017

fake page Facebook

Once I have found an ownerless sim card.

Long thought, and has decided to create the fake page on Facebook.

Has filled her with photos of very beautiful girl.

Then to me in friends men have begun to arise.

I didn't look for communication, but they broke both much and in detail wrote, and I supported communication as many opened the soul, and I just couldn't remain indifferent.

I have known many well. Their state, problems in families. What wheelbarrows at them.

And then all this has bothered me.

I have appointed him a meeting. All. At the same time. In at one time.

According to the scenario, they had to arrive to me and take away me to go to an appointment.

I it called the address - the house and an entrance opposite to mine.

It is necessary to tell that we have very small yard and very narrow drives.

And here in the appointed day and hour, I stood, smoked at a window, looked at a stopper and abuse at myself in the yard and thought why I do all this

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