Thursday 10 August 2017

From what in life you can get pleasure legally?

From what I buzz?
This issue worries me a long time, after talking with a friend, I decided to write down the list, it was somehow very meager:

  • Tasty food
  • Driving by car
  • Sex
  • Alcohol
  • Skiing
  • Massage
  • Getting money for the work done
  • Cigarettes
  • Music
  • Live Humor
  • To win chess
  • Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0

Monday 10 July 2017

Russia will restore "Object 787"

The first Chechen war has shown that in city conditions our equipment had some problems at opposition to a large number of bombers and to calculations of anti-tank guided missiles. At an entrance to the city our tanks were just thrown with Molotov cocktails and fired from windows. Cars which would be mobile were necessary, easily masked and would be capable to open powerful and exact fire suddenly.
Development of the equipment which could carry out any tasks in such conditions - was, but after the collapse of the USSR all works on projects have been stopped.

Later, the experience got as a result of the First Chechen War has set thinking and why not to take powerful and reliable T-72 and not to make on its base, something more suitable under conditions of city fight? Especially as the huge stock of tanks of this type allowed them to make conceived.

Sufferings of long-distance truck drivers and American Diogenes

1. The Swedish company Einride is going to begin release of the pilotless T-Pod truck in 2020. The truck will have no cabin at all, it allows to release an occasional seat for freight. However many this device costed, it will pay off very quickly – the autopilot replaces five drivers working for 8 hours a day, and the salary of five long-distance truck drivers in Sweden will be just space

Siemens has rebelled because of the Crimea. Whether it is necessary to punish him?

So, the subject of delivery to the Crimea of turbines receives continuation. As you remember this year had to enter in Simferopol and Sevastopol two steam-gas thermal power plants on 470 MW who have to close a question with power supply of the Crimea which is cut off from deliveries from Ukraine. But in connection with sanctions there were questions on the equipment and in particular on the turbines Siemens. Different options were assumed. Very persistently rumors about purchase of the Iranian turbines went - means in this direction densely worked.

Then have been sounded in media of the data that Tekhnopromexport has bought four sets of turbines for power facilities in the Crimea in the secondary market, has carried out modernization of installations by forces of the Russian plants and engineering companies

As the map of Europe could look if not Europeans colonized other countries

As the map of Europe could look if not Europeans colonized other countries, and opposite, aggressors from other countries would subdue Europe. And they would begin to draw lines almost without history and culture of the people living there too – on a straight line as it is convenient to them. Large pieces.

Story about trolling

But it is only one case (in comments of the second - about a wedding), and there were many cases.

Generally, it is possible to troll only a crown. If you have no crown, you are persons modest, you perceive themselves adequately and a self-assessment at you independent, it is impossible to troll you, you are impregnable. It is possible to try, but you won't even notice it, it won't concern you.

But if you have a big crown if all the time it seems to you that you are highly appreciated, respect, those who don't if you seek to ego-trip at the expense of others if others assessment, others recognition is extremely important for you envy, then any, even harmless trolling will be for you very painful.

Borders in image

About borders C and D types of image let speak.

Corona Pobeditelnitsy (Winner) - the most urgent for me a crown now.

Such feeling that my blog attracts Winners as honey of bears.

These are those which write letters: "He has blocked me everywhere and when I guard him after work, runs away on roofs. As if to throw to him a hook?" Or: "She has taken out all the things and has taken a part of mine. What strategy to choose? To Nakidat spheres or to make to peak?"

Corona Pobeditelya doesn't give to the sticky little man (and in big crowns all very sticky) to realize that the more he runs, the it becomes more opposite. Pobeditelya it seems that to put pressure a little more, and the elect under a pressure will give up. The Winner can't recede from the planned purpose, superglue holds him tightly, and live not to leave him.

Monday 3 July 2017

Jack Guinness من هذا؟ لماذا هذا هو المعروف شخص في بريطانيا؟

جاك Ginness - حقا وأهدأ شخص في بريطانيا العظمى؟
جاك Ginness - جزءا من موجة جديدة من النماذج الذين أصبحوا الأشخاص بشكل مستقل. أنه يعمل لصالح أكبر المصممين، وينظم ليجينديري الأطراف والآن الرهانات الصدمة إلى عالم التمثيل ونشر. وهكذا، كيف ابن الكاهن ينتهي هنا - وما على وجه التحديد سيوضحها إذن؟

جاك المحامين - أشدشهور النادي الليلي حول أي إنك لا تسمع. الشوارع الهادئة، هذا مأهولة بالسكان شرق لندن للدعارة التواء بذلكبمقدار - وهي مماثلة المفضلة مآوى ديزي لو و إلكس تشاينغ. وهو المكان الذي سوف تجد فلورنس ويلش إعطاء العمل المرتجلة أو كارل بيرات تلعب DJ ضبطه. ورحبت إلف غيلدوف، نيك جريمشو به ليلة من ألف كاراوكي (جريمشو قد أمر فإنسمعة فإن صغار executions كيم). أنت, ربما، فأدركتمدى أن الصور في إنستغرام المتخذة هناك أعيد نشرها على صفحات الصحف بالعروض - حتى لو كان مكان سرا.

 "من" جاك Ginness يقول، "جاك المحامين هو". وهو منضدة خشبية في ركن من الكلمات مسترعية الغرفة. اختارت ginness به قبل بضع سنوات من البائع على القمامة في الشوارع. "بعد أن كان مماثلا،" جاك، لدي شيء لك. كنت الشخص الوحيد، أعرف أنها سوف يشترون له. لقد حانة! " كنت مشابهة، "أنا لا فيشرائها القضبان". " وقد خففت ginness، وبقية - التاريخ. الشقة التي كان الإيجارات في مصنع جديد من الملابس على الحصان العامل يمكن أن تضع الجماهير الحقيقية. "في أقرب وقت نظمنا طرف، وبعض .guy فوتحت لي، وتحدث عن طريق الهاتف، وهو مماثل،" ما اسم هذا النادي، الشخص؟ " كنت مشابهة، "ليس من النادي، ومن بيتي - ترك!"