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I didn't think that there was something ironical about a campaign in a fur coat

In the winter of 1968 my mother, the junior at the Wisconsin university, has reduced a class once to pass on the meeting objecting military industrial complex and the war in Vietnam. She has taken the coat — swingy number of beavers, in all length which she had reduced, to horror of her parents earlier to correspond to length of her (very short) skirts — and has lifted the poster from a heap of signs of handwork. The picture exists her shestvovaniye around provocatively before National guard somewhere. My mother always laughs when she tells this story. Not because of a coat — "I didn't think that there was something ironical about a campaign in a fur coat", she has told me the other day when I have asked that she has told story everything again and again. "It was cold; it could be below zero than 20 within many weeks for once then. It was much colder, than it now — clear business". She laughs because of the sign of a protest operating for the best which when she has come back to the room of the hostel and has thrown her down on a bed, she has understood explained in capital capital letters, DON'T STRIKE, but SRIKE. "My roommate who didn't go has placed her hand on her hip and has told, ‘Hm, is similar that someone had to be at school instead of sriking’".

However, you write down it, it - the fact that people have made then all the time. "I loved that our time, was thus politically knowing and that we cared so", my mother says. Her eyes have been open when her boyfriend since summer between high school and college has been called in falling and as she tells it, "by Thanksgiving Day he has died. He has been shot in the jeep in the demilitarized zone. And everything, I continued to think, was, "my God, he even had no chance to grow". If we could make something about what proceeded, I wanted. I am really excited that people go now — not about why we have to", she continues. "We honestly mattered when we have passed".

For many of us, will note our first experience taking a sign today, organizing group, and taking to the streets to force to hear itself and to fight for what we feel correct.

When the first whispers of Women's March on Washington have begun to appear on my various forage several days later after elections, I called the mother and have told, "Rent the car". I didn't know about what there will be a march precisely (any hasn't made organizers at that time), I just knew that I wanted to be there, and I wanted to be with her there. As my so many friends who go to marches over all country with their mothers, their daughters, their sisters, their friends, we are especially not organized. We just are found. Together.

It is a lot of under the threat. I am frightened about our future mentioned for our country and for this purpose as we teach people, young and old to consider each other. I am frightened that, on a direct trace of elections, students at New School, blocks from where I live, have realized the swastikas which were carelessly writing hostels of the room on their doors. I heart-broken also revolt that students at elementary schools, high schools and campuses suddenly feel that they have permitted to them to terrorize their black and swarty peers or any whom they feel to be another with the hated speech and actions. I can't imagine the world without the American federation of planning of a family, critical women's organization of health care which is far from one shop of abortion of a stop, irrespectively your policy. I am angered that the National Endowment for the Arts is on a pack for the cabin of meat! However, for me today's marches it is more, than policy or any only agenda. To quote the comment of Facebook from the friend's friend in Los Angeles: "It not about Trump, it about us".

That's the very thing: As weeks and months have passed as shock of the Election day and similarly conceiving was mobilized, and people who would never go by the bus, have vigorously booked tickets for the bus, surprising, beautiful things have begun to occur. There was an unexpected feeling of unity. Irony - the fact that, trying to eliminate very much from so many — from each group which feels threatened, has stepped on, refused, or has deprived of the civil rights — we unite, as a result in the way we have no in long time. All have begun to speak — with strangers each other. Plans have been put. The friendly relations blossomed. Friends from all corners of the country reunite after years not of observation of one more. Families of each cosmetics and the description gather in the cities throughout. Due to the feelings of torture, anger and despair, at this moment of proximity the fist which we raise in air is similar to collective embrace which we give, along with collective (and I gently hope, peace).

As Michelle Obama could be expressed, we are kindled. As her husband has encouraged us in the farewell address from Chicago, we are found, diving in — and in the improbable, inspiring fear numbers.

All of us go for our own reasons. And they are all correct reasons. "When injustice becomes the law, resistance becomes a duty", Brook Vol, the founder and the CEO of group of management of the artist of Wall Group says, paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson.

The artist Marilyn Minter was found and spoke for a long time. She has met the first husband in veterans of the Vietnamese war Against military demonstration; before she has met the present husband, both of them have acted in the State of Kent. "It was a tear-gassed and has surrounded; he is a skilled person in it", she says vigorously when we speak about phone on Thursday morning. "If you begin to take measures, you aren't powerless any more", she says to me. "I was about long time, and I any more was never frightened by administration, than this. Hasn't made everything in the Weimar republic tell the same: ‘It doesn't make sense '?" Minter is the member of the party of Halt Action Group conducted by artists who has made waves with her protests @DearIvanka around the city recently (where in one case they have represented from themselves Trump's Engines, having offered that the newly elected First Daughter hasn't forgotten to pack boxes the marked Compassion, global warming, the Rights of the Immigrant: Awards FRAGILE, and Meryl Streep for Washington). She is made, Don't strike With Us, Don't bang Without Us advantage of pins the American federation of planning of a family which she sells from the Wing in New York to Ooga Booga in Los Angeles everywhere in these days off, she puts on D.C. - the going bus arranged with Cindi Sherman and Laurie Simmons, the crowded David Byrne, Sandie Brandt, both Geena Dzhershon, and various music and stars of the world of art. From many men who are taking part in her group it speaks, "I think that there is a new form of feminism now: it are women and their allies. Color and women - future, future majority".

My friend Genie Paradis, the head of the industry of fashion, goes from Philadelphia to the District of Columbia with her two daughters, "not the movement because I annoy, but because I want something better, and I want him for the children", she says. "For me a big picture - the fact that Sabrina, Tiki, and I will remember that we have made something together to the further rights of women. Sometimes I think, our generation has passed the 70th and all those monumental moments, but it is the monumental moment".

"It is huge. It will be in each city", Genie continues. "It will be the mass of people, and not everything is going to love him. It is the power. It everywhere. Go somewhere. As there is some place is close which celebrates this reason. We go to Washington, but I would go to Philadelphia and would be also proud".

Some have told in the press, and around the city that the campaign won't have any value. It won't mention the legislation. "What you actually think that you can reach, standing there?" someone has asked me at a recent formal dinner party. Well, I assume that it depends on what everyone tries to reach. I go because I want to be counted. I want to join hands with the mother. To be a speck among hundreds of thousands of other specks who cared enough to be found to tell I don't agree.

"Any who tells this march doesn't matter, just think of MLK march — which go, mattered", the stylist of fashion Carla Welch says. Welch has planned capture of her 11-year-old daughter, Clementine, to Washington to see the sworn-in Hillary. Now she takes her, along with her husband and the contingent from the Laurels Canyon where she lives to participate in today's march through the downtown Los Angeles, "Clementine will have to take out everything that occurs, long-term effects. We have to teach a civil conversation and a good problem. All of us have computers in our hands each one o'clock in the afternoon — to leave and be a part of community, something that is absent in our lives; it will be a key to some resistance. My eye is on intermediate elections in two years, thus, we have to cry out and shout and use our voices now". From the Los Angeles event where Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande are going to act, she speaks, "of course, it will be big — women will organize it".

"I just want to be there. It is important that I stood there", the actress Michele Hicks who, on reaction of a digestive tract, rented the hotel room in Washington next day after elections says. "We have to show force in numbers. With all sister goes, it will make people knowing that we are serious. How still you show it? I endow the American federation of planning of a family, but what else I did all this time? I have made some work trying to adopt the legislation for awareness of mental health, but I think the others, I considered self-evident". The protest armed with a handful of color Sharpers, her 8-year-old son, Basseterre, declared undersigns for it to take with itself. "Everything was related to love: Lyubov - Lyubov, Lyubov; Respect All; Love - the Power. They are slogans which he has chosen independently, and it has simply simplified everything for me", she says. "As it is right".

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