Saturday, 21 January 2017

Redhead Emoji

Raise a hand (but not with to be engaged in truck farming by the girl 🙋 because you don't have one) if you ever felt personally pursued by lack of bright, beautiful red hair on your keyboard of an emodza. Since the last big update of an emodza red have got stuck everywhere, trying to solve meanwhile to be light or the brunette to express their preferable feelings. It would be desirable to hope, it is going to end nevertheless.

Jeremy Berdzh of Podkomissii Emodzi has sent official request for red-haired emodz in Technical Committee Unicode (group which has the last word on what comes to an end on your keyboard tools). The next meeting of UTC arranged by Apple is planned for the next week.

Burge which has written the report on Emojipedia has divided detailed official proposal that he has sent to UTC. He discusses a possibility of simple use of red-haired features to the basic of an emodza of the woman and man, or the going full gas and addition of red hair as an opportunity for everyone adjusted emodz. But we mean, promote which is even a question? Red-haired women's dance emodz for all!

If the ardent passion behind red emodz seems to the acquaintance, you, perhaps, have met the application of the Red Parrot of 2015 by chance, "At red has to be emodz also!" "If you say that you are going to develop versatily why not to add several red-haired an emodza in connection?" it was told in the application which has collected 20,234 signatures. "Natural red can be rare less than in 2 percent of the population in the world, but these are 138,000,000 iPhones waiting to occur".

While we won't know destiny red-haired emodz while the next week, at UTC the history of the accounting of passionate inquiries of users isn't valid. Inquiries for an emodza, representing in the racial relation of various people, the different size, a family, taka, avocado, the woman wearing a hijab, women playing sports and women in a set of professions all have been accepted by UTC, UTC also has approved elimination of an emodza of weapon (replacing with his water gun) and when the peach has been "modernized" and the end face isn't similar any more, users have demanded that it has returned, and UTC was given.

But not also you grow exited — the following official expansion of an emodza won't be till 2018. Thus, even if killing magnificent red-haired emodz becomes valid approved, you will have to continue to improvise for other part 2017. 😕

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