Saturday, 21 January 2017

Photos: What is the dress of Melania Trump?

 the dress of Melania Trump

There was a lot of assumption, surrounding a question whom Melanija Trump will make the decision to design the inaugural equipment. Many followers of fashion had money on Ralph Lauren and Karl Lagerfeld. They were right concerning the first; Mrs. Trump has directed a blue suit of Jackie Kennedy from John F. Kennedy's inauguration of 1961 in Ralph Lauren's style. But her introductory dress of a sphere? It has been created by the former creative director of Carolina Herrera, Hervé Pierre — and the new First lady of the USA. The statement issued by office of the first lady said that the dress "Has been developed by Hervé Pierre and Melanija Trump".

Cooperation between Pierre (the native of France) who left Carolina Herrera at the beginning of 2016 and Mrs. Trump, was a cream and color silk dress of a crêpe without shoulder-straps with a section of the party, the observer's ripples in all length and a red silk tape fy around a waist.

Pierre was the unexpected choice for Mrs. Trump, the same as Michelle Obama has surprised the world of fashion when she has chosen Jason Wu's dress to wear out to her first introductory sphere in 2009 (which was also white, and has been offered to Smithsonian institute) — Wu didn't even know for certain if she carries him while Mrs. Obama didn't seem theatrical.

It is not the first time when Melanija has undertaken a role of the designer. In 2010 Mrs. Trump has begun an own jewelry collection for QVC.

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