Tuesday, 17 January 2017


When I was four years old his father bought XBox, then he just went on sale. We played all the available games together and having a lot of fun, it lasted two years.
My father died when I was only six years old.
I could not touch the console for 10 years. But when all this is done the same thing found. I started racing game, Rally Sports Challenge, a game that I loved as a child.
And as soon as the race started in front of me there was ... a ghost.
Remember the old game? If you go round for the best time, the result is recorded, and the next time on the highway there is a "ghost" of who was her best time. As you know, this "ghost" belonged to my father.
I played over and over again trying to get ahead of "ghost" until the day came when finally I was ahead, and ... stopped before the finish. I did not want that he disappeared from my life. Now, my father and I can play together again.

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