Friday, 20 January 2017

Accusers of South Korea call other head of Samsung

The special prosecutor's office of South Korea has declared on Friday that she has called the head of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd for poll as she investigates the extending scandal trading racing in influence which has involved the president Park Geun-hye.

The office has told that Sung-sua of poll at 14:00 (5:00 GMT) on Friday has called the executive vice-president Khvan, having added that he has been classified as the witness. It hasn't specified.

Khvan is the fifth head of Samsung Group, the best conglomerate of the country, the accuser has caused. Samsung Electronics - leading company of Samsung Group is also the best producer in the world of smartphones, chips of memory and TVs with the flat screen.

The representative of Samsung Group has refused to comment.

Samsung Group [SAGR.UL], the leader Jay I. Li and the vice-chairman Choi Gee-song have been classified as suspected by prosecution which was engaged in investigations whether has paid a bribe conglomerate to the authorized representative Parka, Choi Sung force to win support from National Pension service for merge of 2015 of two branches Samsung Group.

The park, 64, has been made responsible last month by parliament on charges that she has allowed her friend, Choi, to exert inappropriate impact on public affairs.

Choi is accused of participation in conspiracy with the Park to put pressure upon large corporations to promote the noncommercial funds supporting the presidential initiatives and is in prison as she is subjected to test.

Both denied offense though the Park has apologized for implementation of bad judgment.

Accusers have accused the head of Samsung Li of payment of bribes of everything, 43 billion have won ($37 million) to the organizations connected with Choi to provide merge of 2015 of Samsung C&T Corp. and Cheil Industries Inc.

Samsung recognized creation deposits to the enterprises which are operated by Choi, but has rejected lobbying charges to push merge.

The special prosecutor's office has declared on Tuesday that it had proofs that Park and Choi have divided the profit got through bribery payments, but haven't specified.

If vote of an impeachment is supported by the Constitutional court, the Park will become the first democratically elected leader of South Korea of South Korea who will be forced to leave office.

Prosecution has transferred blow to Thursday when the Seoul court has rejected the request for the warrant for arrest against Li who directed the empire of smartphones to biological products after his father, and the basing family patriarch Li Kuhn-hi has been put out of action by heart attack of 2014.

Earlier on Friday special prosecution has told that it considered whether to address with other request of the warrant for arrest for the 48-year-old head of Samsung. While prosecution has told that it wouldn't look for the warrant for arrest for other heads of Samsung, the representative of office has declared that situation could change.

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