Thursday, 19 January 2017


What you have to know about elections of an office of Trump

Donald Trump's standards, it was slow week. Certainly, a few days ago you could face still CNN chyron reading — precisely — "TRUMP'S BARS WITH the SYMBOL of the CIVIL RIGHTS, CIA, NATO, MERKEL, CHINA", consolidation called "+ work" Brian of the CNN Rice. But that hostility has begun last week and was just surplus which isn't considered.

At the moment winds have ceased. Thus, perhaps, it is a new rhythm to expect. It will be a hurricane, then an eye, then a hurricane. Americans will get tired storm conditions of Trump, and if as quickly? We will have to learn. And then that? We will have to learn. It is a type of reflection which has busy millions of people as we try to receive the handle on any part of what to expect in the coming year.

Each president finishes with the fact that has given us a lesson in human mysteriousness because, it is unimportant as far as we study him (or, sometime, we hope, her), we seldom finish with any theory of association. Some presidents as Richard Nixon, remain completely difficult while others as Jimmy Carter, begin to look more consecutive. But at the end of us still leave with the best assumptions and theories. Most of us is able to manage some uncertain estimates of levels of decency and several empirical rules. I could tell that Barack Obama quiet and thoughtful, and he seems much more average at the decency levels for the politician, but I could list also immediately a lot of the puzzling things about the person. And it observes him later more than eight years. With Trump most of us just begins. He is included into the center in general?

There is one thing which it has taken me some time to understand though readers, perhaps, have understood it long ago: Trump doesn't object to become attacked the enemies and competitors. I, it has appeared, has passed it because Trump faces the most vulnerable of men. But his coercion to answer everyone small isn't reflection of his level of pain. It is reflection of an itch which very much wants to be scratched. Cruel exchanges of fisticuffs - a part of work of day for Trump, and they encourage him. He likes them. That is why Trump was in high spirits directly after his first debate with Hillary Clinton, giving an interview of the room of rotation to journalists even while he bombed: he had too much entertainment with his clumsy antipunches to think of whether he was poisoned in him. You can be also sure that he loved every minute his press conferences last week. He pushed together the heads of journalists and management the room. Trump's inability to resist punches back often harms him — it can be catastrophically on the world scene — but it serves in other cases to him well. We will see where he networks with it.

I have noticed other sample: every time of the chick Trump to edge of treachery, he goes he back. "Treachery" I mean political treachery of his basis, not his spouses or employees or others. In August Trump seemed going to be softened on immigration, and then at the beginning of September he has delivered an uncompromising speech which has terrified his opponents and has admired his supporters. After the victory on elections Trump flirted with Mitt Romney's appointment as the Secretary of State to chagrin of a huge segment of his supporters and even Kellyann Conway, and then Trump has passed that idea and has chosen Rex Tillerson instead. Trump has forced gnashing of teeth with Andy Pazder's appointment, National type of Association of Restaurant, to be the minister of work, acquisition of howls of Trump from opponents of immigration amnesty and receiving his praise from anybody another, than the most essential republican of establishment Eric Kentor. Then Pazder has published the steady statement for immigration implementation and has calmed critics.

The sample is extremely important because Trump contradicted his many strategic statements, and many people who voted for him, regularly expressed fear that he could inflate them. The majority knows that they have made the decision to risk on the small shopkeeper, and the few are rather silly to believe that Trump's University well worked for the students or that Trump spoke a direct game about it or other things. The fear which was so mixed with optimism among Trump's voters — are afraid that Trump, any minute, will completely change himself on what they have chosen by him to make: construct a wall, reduce trade, help veterans, elect conservative judges, and usually concentrate on working class. When he runs away from it, noise increases, and Trump comes back to Trumpism.

Thus, it is the last in connection of theories of Trump: he has agreed to Trumpism, and he enjoys fight, even when it receives humiliation. It - what has united messages of the press which we see: that Trump intends to begin a wall that Puzder could have long reflections about his appointment that the devoted Trump's faces say bad things about the Treasury candidate Stephen Mnachin that Trump calls NATO "outdated" that the new president draws on health "an insurance for all" (even those who aren't able to afford him) instead of simpler cancellation of Obamacare it, republicans would prefer and that Trump publishes noise about increase in tariffs, dollar depreciation and negotiating with pharmaceutical firms.

All this makes sense against the background of the doubled commitment to populism and readiness to enter the conflicts for the sake of them. The most part of policy of Trump - which you could expect from populist right-wing party in Europe, and they could be popular on the American soil. If they have to go somewhere, nevertheless, will be necessary to Trump support, at least, several reluctant democrats and many reluctant republicans whom Trump hopes to tame, rallying its base. That is why Trump continues to come back to a populist bend.

Perhaps, this tendency of a big picture will become stronger over time, and perhaps it will end tomorrow. When business reaches Trump captures of writers can quickly expire. Anyway we will be still left with the big daily assumption of small things which hint at big things. For example, from this letter, Trump has to comment nevertheless on replacement of the offer of a source of Wikileaks Chelsea Manning, known as Bradley Manning earlier. He will break the silence and will take a position of red meat of condemnation him? It - what would be expected by many of us. Or he quietly feels that Manning has already suffered enough, and the offer was too long?

It would be remarkably humane and would tell something unexpected about his character, but it seems improbable. Or Trump think, it is better to remain silent on this matter to allow an inauguration to be the focus of attention? It would be politically clever, perhaps cleverer, than we saw. Irrespectively a case Trump remained silent on this matter, having left other part us to continue to assume about it and many other things. As we will continue to do.

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