Tuesday, 17 January 2017

there were two

7 years ago in the winter, I went to pick up his brother from school. He was then 7-8 years, and I, respectively, 20. And as we walk, I find in his pocket two small ikeevskih pencil that there is distributed free of charge and all of them were recruited himself mercilessly. And in my mind matured cunning plan. While the brother does not see, I quietly put a pencil in his down jacket pocket. Having a little more, I offered to show him a trick. Take out a pencil from his pocket, he stretched out, talking hold, check. Then taking him back and say that "magic pencil and you liked him. He always comes back to you.", Then he leaned over and put it in the hole manhole watching the bewildered reaction brother. Having a little more, I say: "Check his pockets, he could have come back." Bran starts without enthusiasm fumbling in his pockets, not believing me. And what was his surprise when he found a second pencil in his feather bed.
It took 5 years to me comes to 13-year-old brother, puts the same pencil and said in front of me. "Tell me honestly, because they had two, yes?" At first I did not understand about it, but after a moment remembered the "focus". I had to admit that, yes, there were two. And he told me: "Do you realize that I have kept the pencil 5 years old and often wondered how did you do it?"

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