Tuesday, 17 January 2017

how to make people queue irritated

After work, my husband and I went to the mall. They took two carts, collected food, my husband went to the cashier take their turn, and I - in the confectionery department.
I went to the checkout, my way with a cart to her husband and asked:
- Man, please miss me forward!
- Please, I'm not in a hurry, - he says.
The challenges for our customers tell me:
- Enough impudent, go and stand in the queue!
- Man, and then I can be in your cart to shift product? - I ask.
- Of course!
Standing behind him:
- That same arrogant woman! Everywhere without soap fit!
- Man - I say - you could not pay for me?
Queue in shock, waiting for a response.
- Yes Yes! Do not worry! - Responsible husband.
- Do you drive? - I ask. - Will take ??
The husband could not answer, choking with laughter, and only nodded. Eh! How I turn to eat me alive!

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