Friday, 20 January 2017

4 MAP! Your reference book on an entrance, around and through an Trump inauguration

WASHINGTON is - a type of day which the District of Columbia sees only once in four years — Inaugural Day. Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States at the ceremonies beginning at 11:30.

Day can cause headaches for the people living and working in the Area. Federal employees in the area have a day off, but many people will still try to move.
WTOP collected information which you have to know whether you go to an inauguration or pass in your regular Friday. It is all in the Inaugural Day Guide to survival; there are several highlights:


The small rain will begin around the middle of morning and the end during the second half of day.

It seems that by 11:30 there will be some downpours when ceremonies begin. Temperatures will be a little higher than average for this date — top the 40th.

The American police of the Capitol forbids all umbrellas on the American property of the Capitol therefore if you plan to go to the Capitol, to leave your umbrella at home.

Compact umbrellas, look which renounce are resolved on Natsionalnaya Avenue if they any more not, than 18 inches also have no sharp tip.

Storm Team 4 meteorologists of Lauryn Ricketts tell the earth, will be dirty, thus, boots will be as it should be. As you will be outside some time, make sure that you carry, conveniently.

Check the last forecast from Storm Team 4 on the Weather WTOP page.

What roads are closed? And when?

Some roads, including Memoriel Bridge, have been closed as Thursday and restrictions of the parking were actually since midday on Wednesday.

Secret service defined some roads as "red zones" — the resolved vehicles only, and all other cars will be towed — and others as "Green zones" — you can go there if you live or own business there. Red zones will remain that way till 1:00 on Monday; Green zones, till 1:00 on Saturday.

You see other convenient reference book on closings with the sliding Dave Dildayn's list of WTOP and the card from police of the District of Columbia.


The railway system will open at 4:00 and a run till midnight. Service of rush hour (and a fare) will be actually from 4:00 till 21:00. There are no planned traveling works during the Inaugural Day. Five stations — Archives, Montana. Vernon Skver, the federal Triangle, Smithsonian institute and the Pentagon — will be closed for safety reasons.

The subway reports that there will be crowds and delays, but they add that switching studies, the quick murderer — if you can cope, become so close as you can by one train and other part of walk of a way. The subway have a list of ways to move in his territory.

Buses are according to the Saturday schedule, but on some routes there will be additional buses, and obviously some buses will have rounds. Specific features are on Page 6 of the reference book of the Subway on his inaugural services.

Other transit

Expresses of the Railroad of Virginia are according to schedule S — look at specific features of his website.

The trains MARC on Penn and Bransuik's lines will run according to the changed schedule. The line of Camden won't run. Check the MARC website about details.

Has received tickets for an inauguration?

There are six gate on which apply color marking; they open at 6:00. It in 5 1/2 hours before ceremonies begin, and it isn't casual — organizers say that you have to receive there much early. Your ticket speaks to you what gate to pass, and everyone about the metro station.

Here the card from Joint Committee of the Congress on Introductory Ceremonies:

If you just want to look from Mall, you don't need the ticket, but your bags will be still checked.

And in both cases, any backpacks and bags have to be 18 13 by 7 inches or the smaller size. You can bring food and drink in them, nevertheless.

What concerning a parade?

It begins directly after reduction to the oath and goes from the Capitol to the west to the avenue of the constitution, then reduces the northwest of Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. Secret service has published the route map, and also walking routes to reach a route.

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