Tuesday, 17 January 2017


The officer from Management on fight against drugs arrived to us on a farm yesterday: "I shall carry out inspection regarding cultivation of drugs".
I answered: "Without problems, only you don't go to that field...",
The officer really exploded: "Mr., with me the power of Federal government!". The haughty officer got into a hip-pocket, got from it a badge and pushed to me it in the person. "You see this fucking badge!? This badge means that I can go where to me will like... On any earth! Without any questions or reports!! I am understoodly expressed? You understood!?".

I politely nodded, apologized and went on the affairs. A couple of minutes later I heard loud cries, looked and saw the officer from the Management running for the sake of salvation of the life. And made up for it huge, old, spiteful a bull... With each step the bull made up for the officer, and it seemed, that will hardly manage to reach the safe place until it is butted. The officer was in net horror.

I threw the tools, ran up to an obstacle and shouted in all can my lungs:

"Your badge! Show it the BADGE!"

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