Tuesday, 17 January 2017

My story about easy money

I am a young guy, 26 years. He isn't married, but the girlfriend is with which we live in my apartment - my parents live separately, periodically only visiting us. Both we work, to money we know the price.
And just a few weeks ago to me in poker which is my hobby brought the amount, to my measures nekisluyu-500 thousand rubles. We from darling long thought in what way it is the most rational to spend her.
Only now I understand story how money changes people, to be exact, of the relation between them. Our opinions concerning expenditure dispersed, but as a result, glory-gu, we came to the mutually beneficial decision: to myself I will purchase strings on a guitar, and it - ballerina flats. And in a month at us in Belarus in general denomination will be carried out, hmm.

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