Tuesday, 17 January 2017

so do not

Sat the company from 10 people in cafe, except the girl and the friend I also didn't know nobody. Here I observe as the girl who just rubbed gums and surveyed language an oral cavity of the sitting next guy, takes the call and begins a conversation. Dialogue was approximately in such spirit:
- Yes darling...
- No, with friends
- I love you too and I miss
And not whom it didn't confuse from attendees. I felt sorry for the fellow. I asked to call for this "girl", departed away and called from the phone to her "Darling", explained, of course was necessary to explain at first who I and from where I took his number am, but the fellow was adequate and directly understood everything.
There passed 5 minutes.
Call of this to "the owner of a peach" from "darling", she runs away in a toilet, and then classics of a genre... A hysterics, tears and threats in my address...
Men, be not indifferent, today you will help someone, and tomorrow will help you.

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