Tuesday, 17 January 2017

True story

Went today down the street. I look the granny on a bench sits holds heart. I run to her, ran to a drugstore have bought nitroglycerine and have brought to hospital. While sat in the accident ward, has noticed in a window that about one car suspicious persons rub. Probably want to steal. I have run out from hospital. They from me run in the car. I in the have jumped, I go behind them. Has called police. Generally together with police officers have caught up with them. Have gone to office. While sat in office I look out of the window, the house burns there. I run there. In a window on the third floor the child shouts. I have got him him. There were at him parents set fire to the house and have escaped. Generally now we collect documents for adoption. Here such post of good. What you don't napizdit for the sake of pluses.

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