Tuesday, 17 January 2017


In deep youth, in the mid-nineties, parents presented to me the Dandy.
As well as many, me was not to tear off from games.
Parents began to hide power supply unit that the child studied.
Every day, coming home after school (5-6 class somewhere), I began the game "find the hidden adapter". Usually, on it about 10-20 minutes left. After the continuous games, I put it on too place, and in the evening when parents came after operation, I asked it to give me as "I did all day homework". Sly fellow pancake.
One fine day, having returned from school, I couldn't find the adapter. Generally. Looked for more 2kh hours. Decided that someone from parents of its visors on operation.
I ring to mother on operation. Mother says that she knows nothing.
I ring to the father.
The father asks whether I made lessons, asks what objects learned in detail. And I lie without reddening.
At the end of inquiry, the father speaks - the Adapter in a box with textbooks...

It was the most shameful moment in my life.
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