Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Court, case of Santa Claus's beating. On a bench of an intelligent look the little man and the ordinary guy. The judge asks the intellectual:
- Tell as business was.
- Went by the bus, Santa Claus has pushed me around. I think if in 3 minutes doesn't take away a leg and won't apologize, then I will strike. I look at the watch - 1 minute - costs. 2 minutes - cost. 3 minutes - cost. Here has also not sustained.
The judge addresses the guy:
- And you why were connected and have begun to dopinyvat legs?
- And you imagine: I go by the bus, I see there is some man and Santa Claus. The man looks at the watch - at Father Frost, for hours - at Father Frost. Then as will begin to pizdit him, I thought what over all country has begun.

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