Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Super magnificent creates the training program of hair of unicorn

It - just the fact – all want to be one-horned IRL. The tendency surrounding a mythical animal, apparently, everywhere. We saw a unicorn Latt, a toast, hot chocolate, and, of course, hair of color of a unicorn. But thanks to the new training program of hair from Magnificent Super, we have absolutely new definition for the phrase "unicorn hair" – and difficult will fight.

In video the hair stylist Amanda Ozard and the makeup artist Keith Tsang transform model to a literal unicorn – a horn and so on. At the beginning of video we see the decoloured model hair painted lilac, pink, and blue. Result - a beautiful pastel rainbow which then is twisted in perfection.

From there, the horn is constructed, using a piece of a form of a cone of foam. Foam is cut on model heading, and her hair are grown around it are and voila! The model immediately has a unicorn horn.

Her look is finished with a large amount of hairspray and a healthy dose of gloss. Pure. Magic.

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