Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The president Obama celebrates birthday of Michele on social media

Happy birthday, Michel. I love you

In honor of the 53rd birthday of the first lady Michelle Obama the president Obama has taken to Twitter to celebrate with the photo, and it is absolutely worthy. The photo which takes the breath away of their personal and political partnership shows couple sitting in a golf caret in their ceremonial clothes, highlighting world symbols. In the tweet accompanying the photo Obama, "Writes the girl from South Side which has undertaken a role which she hasn't asked and has made it by her own: Happy birthday, Michele. I love you".

It is still difficult to understand it for only several days, Obama's presidency will officially end to free the road for the elected president Donald Trump. Michelle Obama - a valuable role model for young girls and women everywhere. As the first lady, she has protected fitness and healthy food, education and force of a variety. She even played a hand of the help in formation of a political platform of her husband. The president Obama has shown recently that Michele has encouraged him to use the familiar expression of the signature, "Yes we can".

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