Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Miu Miu reveals the actress of a glass cap Stacey Martin during the spring of 2017 of the L'Eau Bleue Fragrance Campaign brand

She can be a star of the last campaign of aroma of Miu Miu together with a throw of delightful kittens, but when business reaches her esthetic beauty, Stacey Martin - not so high service. The amazing 25-year-old actress who will play a major role in the forthcoming performance of the movie of the cult novel of the classic the Glass cap prefers to keep things rather simple — but it makes fine sense because even without her hair and cosmetics all put in order, Stacey's devocalization is positive. She also, appears, is madly lovely, a little in what differing from the last aroma of Miu Miu of L'Eau Bleue, new mix of a lily of the valley and a honeysuckle which has been definitely formulated to smell as a springtime.

Miu Miu

"I can be ready to something in 40 minutes!" Stacey swears in surprisingly thin English accent, and we don't doubt concerning him. "It is required to me well less than hour to get out of bed, throw, make something with my hair and to leave the house". Quoting minimalism as her personal secret never to be late, Stacey prefers to keep her schedule as much as possible down cleaning which translates to, mornings splash spirits, Elisabeth Arden Eight-hour Cream and Intensive Balm of Repair of the Lip and dry shampoo. "I very much don't want to be late. It does me so worrying", she shows. "I am always too early, but I very much would sit there and would be the first, than would have all waiting on me!"

If it was to Stacey, she would prefer to pass dry shampoo in general, but since receiving blows for a role, she can't but drag him around in her bag all day. "Blows demand such large number of contents. I had direct strokes before, and they were a nightmare!" she speaks as she remembers reduction them every week. "My current blows - lower service, but I still have to bear dry shampoo. I think that I would do it, than the head in hairdresser's every week, nevertheless." The father Stacey Wren - the hair stylist is strange enough — which she thinks, there can be a reason which she so hands off when business reaches her hair. She remembers the first time when she had to buy shampoo after movement from the house of her parents. "I have fondly assumed that everything washes, are simply good", she laughs. When she finished her favourite Redken shampoo for the first time, Stacey has gone to a mission to find it and finished in salon with more considerable, than it was expected the account. "I have taken several bottles which have intrigued me, have gone to the register, saw total and have been absolutely shocked. I always thought, ‘It - just shampoo. How expensive it could be?’ I was so wrong". That year she can or could not ask shampoo for Christmas.

Now, when her festive wishes have been officially executed, the New Year's decision of Stacey of 2017 has to cope with an eye of a cat once and for all. "So many makeup artists have, has shown me how to make it, but all of them have various methods, thus, my eyes of a cat always come to an end curves". Nevertheless, whether she does or won't matter not necessarily. Stacey avoids social media as she, A. doesn't want that her giving in Instagram has affected perception of the audience it in a role on the screen and B. she, "wouldn't know what to make with him!" A rising star - a research in self-control, and we here to make plentiful notes. When I ask that she thinks, does the woman beautiful, Stacey bystry to answer: She is happy, convenient in the skin and considers steady against the beliefs. "You can pile cosmetics, or wear the most amazing dress, or arrive, dripping in diamonds and to feel still anyway ugly", she says. "But the most surprising thing consists in when you see that people itself. Something changes in their expression, a way which they carry themselves that you can't attach him to new lipstick only. It occurs inside, and is so fascinating to testify". Therefore Stacey's collab with Miu Miu makes such sense (we mentioned that she has four full fashion of Miu Miu and the announcement of aroma under her belt now?). Her views perfectly level with original vision of Miuccia Prada for a brand when she has started Miu Miu that "to explore regions of fashion, to follow whims, to be easy and thoughtful, and reasonably frivolous". We here for him.

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