Tuesday, 17 January 2017

cute boy

I stand I smoke on a back porch of the house. In the yard children of years 10-12 run.
From round the corner very chubby boy taxis and goes somewhere to depth of the yard. Nearby some two girls begin to point a finger at it and to laugh. The guy turns around also in voice with hoarseness, intonation as at Don Corleone and actively gesticulating speaks:
- Yana, Yana, lovely, you want to tell something to me? You want to inform of something me, expensive? So approach and say directly me it, Yang! And if you shout further behind my back, then I will approach and I will tear to you your lean back!
I do not maintain and I begin to laugh. The guy turns around to me, takes off a cap and having a little inclined the head, speaks:
- Good evening, mademoiselle.
Now it is my favourite boy in the yard)

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