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NARAL the American president For abortions Iliz Hogu shares her history of abortion

"It is a head in my life, but it is not my whole life"

On January 22 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade,  the significant decision of the Supreme Court which confirms the right of women to abortion and supports the principle that decisions of the woman on her body and health which are made with her doctor it shouldn't be introduced on the government. To note this important decision, Teen Vogue shares stories of the real women who have made the decision to make abortion in their lives. Below, the history Iliza Hogu, 47, who lives in Washington, the District of Columbia and the president of America For NARAL abortions.
NARAL the American president For abortions Iliz Hogu shares her history of abortion

I was in my early the 20th at school of a gradient. I worked really, it is really difficult in the program which meant much to me. I have gone to school of a gradient because I wanted to devote the life to social justice and change.

I was in the devoted relations, and we used contraception, and it has failed.

I don't want to say that it was the easy decision because it wasn't. It was the real period of revaluation of values and thinking of on what my life could be similar and aspire to. My partner and me had a lot of talk on it. [My decision to make abortion] was accepted in the context of a conversation with my partner. I know that it isn't right for all, but it was for me, and I think that it is important to tell the lake. I had what I thought as the ideal partner of, someone whom I respected and trusted is integral, and I wanted and needed his each thought of it. And each conversation has ended with him saying to me that it was eventually my decision, and he will support me, it is unimportant that I have solved. And eventually, we have decided to end because we were simply not ready to become parents in that point.

The decision wasn't easy, but the procedure was. We have gone to clinic — as far as I know, it is more not there, since then because of restrictions, it had to be closed — and they were incredibly kind both sostradatelna, and my partner was with me all the time. I had an improbable leaving by excellent doctors and really competent nurses, and my abortion was by what abortion is intended to be: Safe.

I am closer to the sister, than someone else in the world — my husband won't even object to my statement that because he knows that it is right. And when I have received the abortion, my sister tried to become pregnant unsuccessfully. And I was afraid to speak to her. I was afraid that she will consider him as a personal insult anyway. But the choice not of the message to her didn't exist — I have divided everything with her. And of course when I have told her, my sister acted in only compassion and hasn't established connection between these two events for which no relationship of cause and effect was absolute. The fact that I had abortion hasn't prevented my sister to become pregnant.

My best and closest friend at this time — and still today — - Catholic. And I thought that she will think that I went to hell if I have told her. But when I really spoke to her, she absolutely has only supported — so that the destroyed other myth. Even while when she thought that she will never do the same, she had a sympathy. I feel that complexity of the human relations is lost in an abortion debate. People really understand it to be very personal decision and their own thoughts of what they would make and that they consider as the right or incorrectly aren't things which they actually would impose on other people.

When I have made the abortion, I had to study distinction between existence of feelings and existence of apologies. We have to tell young women that when they face the choice in life, normally to have feelings — and it not the same as having a regret. There are awfully harmful effects which are result of unwillingness to speak about things originally. And I had many feelings about the decision to make abortion. I had some grief. I had some disorder. I, of course, wouldn't tell that I was joyful. We can be human and difficult and have feelings, and it as it should be.

I want that young women knew that if it not the easy decision, it is fine. It is simple because it wasn't the easy decision, doesn't mean that you have made the wrong decision. As today I have this improbable partner and two remarkable children and really remarkable life — and I continue to make decisions every day which do that life possible, and we have to be always able to make everything our own decisions every day.

I not all this convenient conversation on my abortion even today. It is a head in my life, but it is not my whole life. It - on what my decision has allowed me to go and do in my life, as I hope that I will be estimated. I could go and finish my education and devote my life to human rights and ecological work and political changes, and it is everything because I could make own decision without intervention. And the actual procedure was boring as it has to be.

There is this critical moment when you understand that adulthood is full of points of decision-making. When one door is closed, another opens — and to normally mourn the way which isn't taken still joyfully covering a way still before you. We seldom go to ways in 18 years and we go linear while we don't die. And as boring which would be! My life had many bends and turns, and I am the best person for this purpose, and for overcoming all different things which I have tested and to know what I know — and to know what I don't know.

Life is long, and we everything will have many various obstacles and opportunities placed before us. It is interesting material of life - it is - what throws down a challenge to us and does us by the best people whom we can be. And if when you make the decision to become the parent, it is other problem. It is a remarkable problem, but it is a problem. And a part of that problem also thinks of what will be our own relations to education. My children are strong persons. I want to store carefully them, but I don't want to impose that I think that they have to make on their lives more, than I would like that Jeff Sessions has imposed the ideology on me. Nothing has made me more for abortions, than to be a parent. To force someone to be the parent against their will when we know how it is difficult already for people who want to be parents, just wrong.

Before I have made the abortion, I think as most of Americans, I have assumed that it has to face ever I that decision, service would be available to me — and it was. And as most of Americans, I was grateful that it was available to me — and then I went further.

I didn't become an activist around the reproductive rights as a result of my own abortion, but because performance of work of human rights has around the world shown me that when women have access to planning of a family and can take place at a table, we can have a change — and to the best. Compulsion of women began to have children against their will synonymous with me with the idea of patriarchy, someone speaking that I will always be smaller, than. That is why I believe that you have to practice in the own life rejecting those who don't support the advantage and respect for others in how they interact with them and with you.

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