Tuesday, 17 January 2017


gender = floor
on the Russian words are pronounced the same way

Call from unfamiliar. The woman calls. Worries a little.

- Good afternoon, you are engaged in floors?
- Watching with what that at you?
- We made floors slightly more than a year ago, they began to creak.
- So, and I here at what?
- You can as the expert to look in what the reason and to eliminate?
- I can, but why you do not address the one who to you made?
- Well he made once, they began to creak, you can make diagnostics?
- Well, your business, your money. Dictate the address.

Pleasant woman. The daughter studies, live together.
Logs creak, it is necessary to lift a parquet, plywood to turn off and stretch properly. Perhaps, with laying, but from above it is not visible.

Sounded, right there issued the conclusion by hand, with a seal, asked why it needs it.
- Yes I do not need the conclusion. I should repair, you will undertake?
- Wait a moment, you told that repair has some?
- Well.
- Dak you call these workers, let on a guarantee eliminate.
- They gave year of a guarantee. And it is stated in the agreement.
- We have Lyudmila under the law 2 years of a guarantee for these works. More - it is possible, it is less - No. And to spit that there in the agreement is written.
- And what does it mean?

After all in soul I am a nifiga not the builder. I cannot deceive people for money.
- Give number of these children.
- And what is it? What for?
- We will prolong a guarantee.

Guys appeared young, adequate. Explained about the law and that it is profitable to have legal proceedings to nobody. Except lawyers and me, so we anyway will receive money.

Scratches eliminated in two days. Free of charge.
I was employed the technical consultant that tracked that everything is correctly done.

Lyudmila Andreevna is happy since she was ready already for a new floor to fork up, and here such economy.
Told guys couple of secrets, showed how at once it is good to do.
By the way, then 2-3 more times on the objects called me on technology that prompted to them.

I love when so - without abuse, it is constructive and all are happy remained.

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