Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The show of polls Donald Trump is the most unpopular newly elected president ever

With an inauguration only days far, several dear polls have released results how Americans consider transition of the elected president Donald Trump, and all of them show that he has historically the lowest rating of approval of transition of any newly elected president.

The last time of Washington Post and ABC News was published by results of their last joint poll which has shown that 54% of defendants had an "adverse" impression of Donald Trump, in comparison with 40% at whom was "favorable".
Donald Trump

On the contrary, Barack Obama had a 79% favorable rating and 18% adverse rating the same poll of the Washington Post - ABC News in this point before his presidency. Even George Bush - younger which had a disapproval, the second for height, estimating after Trump was in 36% disapproval in comparison with 62% approval shortly before inaugural day. Since the beginning of poll any other president never had majority of the disapproving relation of America to work which he did before he has held the post.

Other polls for last week prove that the report from Washington Post and ABC News not isolated part. Gallup, one of the old firms which are most founded on a research on poll in the USA published his results, which has treated disapprovingly, by 51% of Americans as Trump addressed with the transition in comparison with 44% who has approved him, from the 48% rating of approval down in December.

Meanwhile the Quinnipiac University has shown similar results, having shown that 37% of Americans have approved Trump's transition in comparison with 51% who hasn't approved.

Why there such big ratings of disapproval of Donald Trump? It is difficult to point to only one reason or even to try to list abundance of the reasons, Americans don't support the newly elected president. Trump has publicly supported the president of Russia Vladimir Putin, teased intelligence officers who have declared that Russia has interfered with the American elections, has refused to lose his business community, has continued his crusade to construct a wall in Mexico, has offered one of the least skilled offices in the history, hasn't issued the concrete plan to fight against potential cancellation of Obamacare and has offended many people and the organizations for his account in Twitter, including attack on the hero of the civil rights John Lewis on a platform in two days prior to Martin Luther King Day younger.

Americans can expect that Trump will change after his inauguration on Friday? Polls show that people aren't especially optimistical: 54% of Americans aren't sure, pessimistic or excited about what has to arrive after January 20.

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