Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Give your phone!

Occurred just. The scene of action - Moscow. Further according to the friend.

Found phone under a bench in a pool (touched with a leg when rose). There was Samsung Galaxy S5. Pressed inclusions the button - there was a worker, 29 missed calls, costs on silent. All calls were from contact "Mother". My friend waited for the spouse therefore decided to call on this contact to tell where and when it is possible to take away phone (wanted to tell the home address). Dialogue:
- Hello, I found your phone, can take away in its evening, now I cannot is on site.
- To whom you lie! The daughter just told that phone was stolen! We already called police. Now bring phone on the metro station!
- The woman, I am busy, I am at home in the evening. Let somebody will arrive and will take away phone. Nothing from you is necessary to me. I under a bench found it in a pool.
- Ah you are rubbish! Thief! You steal phones from schoolgirls and you think that everything will escape punishment? Yes you in a mentura will be dug!
- You know, I changed the mind, I will sell your phone.

The friend hangs up. Switches off phone. Pulls out a sim card. Gave for the symbolical amount at the next subway.

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