Friday, 21 April 2017

Uma Thurman: president of jury Some Look

The 70th Cannes film festival, which will open on May 17th of this year, will have joy to welcome Uma Thurman as president of the jury of competition Some Look.

In twenty years of career, the American actress Uma Thurman showed her boldness and her taste of risk. Having revealed to the general public at the age by 17 years in " The dangerous Links " of Stephen Frears and «The Adventures of the baron of Münchausen» of Terry Gilliam, she becomes the Muse of Quentin Tarantino across "Pulp Fiction" (Gold palm 1994) and "Kill Bill" (volume 1 and 2), both introducing in the Cannes film festival.

News of Cinema: Jean-Hugues Anglade, Vin Diesel, Channing Tatum, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jean-Claude Van Damme

Clint Eastwood (who is still not retired) already has in mind a new plan. For his next film, the 86-year-old American film-maker is going to adapt work The 15:17 to Paris: The True Story Of A Terrorist, In Train, And Three American Heroes on try d’ attack in Thalys August 21st, 2015 where three American tourists caused to fail a djihadiste who got ready to go to the actual. Filming could begin from this year and, to give a hand the film director of Gran Torino who still did not find title in his plan, we spoon-fed it. Here is the casting four stars of which we thought. Do not thank Clint to us.

Clint Eastwood - WENN

Monday, 17 April 2017

It is sentenced to lifelong Dislikes | Nikolay Sobolev's history of the blogger from Russia

As in 23 years to earn millions on criticism of enemies and hatred of the audience

After visit of the Let Speak talk-show the Petersburger Nikolay Sobolev of all for few months has gained 2,5 million subscribers, having become the most fast-growing blogger in the world. His progress causes envy of colleagues, but also Nikolay, seemingly, never wishes to add fuel to the fire of general hatred. has found out, than Nikolay Sobolev irritates critics and the audience and as he earns millions on general condemnation.

Kittens have played in the best horror films of all times

The Mashable edition has published in Facebook the video in which kittens have played in scenes from the most famous horror films.

Black, red and gray kittens have appeared in an image of the main characters in the movies "Shine", "Texas Slaughter of Beznopily", "Psycho" and "Carrie". Sharp knives, the chiansaw and the burning scene were replaced with a requisite from a cardboard.

Katie Price in pants and a svishota have shamed for a mess

Users of Instagram have reproached the British model and the TV host Katie Price with untidiness for the picture made in own house.

Price has placed in the profile the photo in a frank house dress. The model has settled down on a sofa while her family is busy with chores. The attention of subscribers was drawn by the disorder reigning around Price in a drawing room.

"Bays and a figure, of course, are beautiful, but, Cathie, you wouldn't prevent to be tidied up a little!" — one of users has noticed. "How it is possible to post a photo of a similar mess?" — subscribers in comments under a picture were indignant. The regular reader of a profile Price has noted that the disorder reigns in her house eternally.

Female psychedelia YouTube: Poppy, Lowlife, SemperVictor, grocerybagdottv

In 2014 on YouTube channel Poppy strange videos in which the lovely blonde made not motivated acts under frightening music have begun to appear. Rollers have gained great popularity. We tell about the one who stands behind this project and as it has arisen.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

DANIEL W FLETCHER SS17 & AW17 | New Fashionable Collection


With an inauguration of the president Trump in January and a referendum of the EU last June, last two seasons of men's shows were more with the political background, than someone in recent memory - and during the London Men's Fashion week, for only a few weeks before Great Britain has gone to elections, no designer existed more frank about an exit of Great Britain from the European Union, than Daniel In Fletcher. While podiums were well under way in the main British Municipal center of Fashion in 180 Coast, outside on the street, Fletcher has organized a part meeting, representation of a part in a favor, the EU, with the models dressed in his Spring the Summer collection of 2017 holding posters, or the showing flags of the EU or the announcement over the head "Remains" in capital capital letters of the block. It was the movement of the genius - that which not only has brought together him, great attention from the street already develops photographers there to be enough stylish visitors for a show, but also and to place him separately as a voice for what would be 48 percent.

The Best Sneakers for Summer 2017


Summer is just around the corner, a seasonal shift that calls for some new sneakers—but not just any new sneakers. Now is not the time to break out your fine suede Yeezy Boosts or those limited edition Jordans or the made-in-Italy high-tops you saved up for. Instead, you want kicks that are are more lightweight, breathable, and durable (i.e. you can wear them with or without socks, with shorts, with jeans, or swim trunks if you want). And the good news this summer is that there are plenty of options that not only pair well with your warm weather wardrobe but that are also comfortable as your favorite socks. After all, summer is about letting loose, not obsessing about footwear that's not going to make it past Labor Day (stinky kicks come with sockless feet, after all). That's why we've rounded up shoes that aren't just classics, but in many cases ones updated with things like lighter weight technology and fresh details.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Reflective clothing fashion, development and manufacturing + video jacket Nike

General interest in run, development of bicycle culture and street sport in the large cities has led to the fact that things with reflecting elements even more often appear in collections of popular brands of clothes. And not only sports focused, but also LifeStyle-brands like Supreme, Isaora and Vans.

Out who releases reflective clothes today?

David Chang's Guide to Outfitting Your Kitchen

Even the most ambitious home cooks should only shell out for a few key tools. Everything else can be thrifty, so you’ll have plenty left over to spend on what matters most: the food.

40 Logical Thoughts That Go Through Your Head During Spin Class

So you've never taken a spin class. Well, it's forty some odd minutes of nonstop pedaling, uphill climbs, perplexing grip-adjustments, gear turns, 74-year-olds, hyperventilating, and a Pitbull track or twelve. (Congratulations, and welcome to fitness hell!) With beach season right around the corner, Jeff Vrabel takes us through the acid-trip fever dream that is the wandering mind of a spin class neophyte.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Photo: New areas of South Korea. Would you like to live like this? Building Korea

Recently I flew to Oceania through South Korea, and I had a couple of days to walk around Seoul and Incheon. This is one of the largest cities in Korea, its rapid growth began in the mid-90's, and until now every day there is something new. Now Koreans implement the project "Smart City Songdo" - it will be a large environmentally clean and highly automated area in the port area, but it is not yet completed. But Incheon is a great place to see how Koreans build modern housing.

Koreans have a peculiar approach to housing. It seems to us from the outside that they are simply adopting everything from Americans, Europeans and Japanese, but that's not entirely true. For example, Koreans believe that it's very cool and prestigious ... to live in an anthill houses! Yes, yes, this is not one-story America with its endless suburbs and not the London neighborhoods of townhouses.

But, on the other hand, it's not Parnassus and Murino: another quality of housing, a different attitude to public spaces. Of the total, only the height of buildings and a rather high density of construction, but in Korea there is very little land. The density of population in Seoul is 16 626 people / sq. M. Kilometer, in St. Petersburg - 3764 people. Do you feel the difference?

01. View of Incheon. Everywhere something is being built. In some places there are wastelands, but they do not stay long.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Steph Curry’s latest sneakers photos | Steph really out here selling the leather seats to an Acura

Nearly a year after his “dad sneakers” were mocked on Twitter, fans took aim at Steph Curry’s latest shoes/sneakers/loafers – the UA Curry Lux “Oxblood Leather.”

These came out on limited release in honor of South Carolina making the Final Four, and Twitter users made sure to give these the critical reception Curry’s other sneakers received.

Stephen Curry’s had a phenomenal career, but if he’s not careful he’s going to be remembered as “that NBA player with the horrible shoes.”

TOP13: Cool Highlighters to Buy Now + price

“The mark of a good highlighter is that it elicits comments about how ‘glowing’ your skin is, not how pretty your makeup looks.

Russia’s Quest to Build a Space Empire—or Go Broke Trying

So when, at a panel during the 33rd annual Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, the head of the Russian space agency says things like “How should we collaborate for the benefit of all of us to get the best result?” and “We need to find the way how can we do it together,” nobody seems to question his motives.

Which maybe they should have, since that country’s space agency, Roscosmos, hasn’t sent significant representation to the symposium in over 20 years. During this panel, which included 14 other space-agency leaders, Roscosmos general director—a dark, handsome man named Igor Komarov—puts special emphasis his country’s desire to collaborate with the fledgling space programs of emerging nations, like Vietnam and Venezuela. Komarov sticks to feel-good terms like “cooperate” and “collaborate” when he talks about international partnerships—which he and other Roscosmos reps do throughout the symposium. But his agency’s motivation seems more about another C-word: customers. Last year, the Russian government restructured Roscosmos as a state-run corporation, and the cash-strapped organization is using these altruistic overtures to cultivate nascent space programs into new customers dependent on Russia’s 60 years of orbital expertise.

Top3: How to prepare: Recipe 2017 to creation of fine Easter eggs, according to a successful peach

As you may have heard, the beloved food magazine Lucky Peach will soon close. It's a great loss, but before Lucky Peach officially bids us all adieu, it has a few final tricks still up its sleeve. This week, one of those tricks, a swan song of sorts if you will, was released. All About Eggs is a cookbook that gathers the best and the brightest egg recipes that exist today. Excerpted below are three such recipes, each of which is from one of New York City's top chefs. First up, Buvette’s steamed scrambled eggs, which the cozy French restaurant is known for making with an espresso machine.
Easter eggs
Next, Daniel Boulud’s Omelette Farcie. The “stuffed omelet,” which is filled with scrambled eggs, is a complex dish, and is not something that Boulud serves in any of his restaurants. Finally, Michael Anthony of Gramercy Tavern shares his take on traditional Japanese tamagoyaki. Anthony’s choice of recipe may come as somewhat of a surprise, but as he explains to Genevieve Ko in the book of his time in Japan, “I was interested in learning how people ate at home, from a cultural perspective as well as a culinary one. . . . I’d go to my friend’s house and she and her friends would teach me the basics of home cooking. Tamagoyaki was the first dish they taught me.” Fitting perhaps then, considering that Lucky Peach has been consistently bringing recipes into our own homes for the last six years.

Melanija Trump wears Red a dress to meet the president of China and the first lady

Tonight, Melania Trump greeted Chinese President Xi Jinping and First Lady Peng Liyuan at the Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, wearing red—a symbolic color in China that represents happiness and good luck. Earlier today, Trump had stepped off the plane with her husband in a different black belted dress with white bows that recalled previous military-influenced coats and suits. The sudden change in palette appeared to be a deliberate nod to Chinese culture, picked for the couples’ first meeting on U.S. soil.

The Top Hits from Glenn O’Brien

Glenn O’Brien, who passed away yesterday at the age of 70, was a New York icon, a peerless writer, and, of course, one of the most stylish men around. (For over 15 years, he was The Style Guy at GQ, a title he embodied in every way.)

In 2012, GQ collected Glenn's sartorial wisdom in a special print issue called, simply, The Style Guy. (It's long sold out, but it looks like there's at least one copy available on eBay.) As part of that issue, Nigel Cox photographed some of O’Brien’s most interesting personal effects for a bit called “From the Closet of the Style Guy.”

FAQ 2017: Does Propecia (Finasteride) Really Prevent Balding?

Finasteride sold under logos of Proscar and Propecia among others is the treatment used for treatment of a good-quality giperplaziya of a prostate (the increased prostate) and loss of hair of a sample. It is inhibitor like III 5α-reductase and type II;  5α-reductase, enzyme, testosterone of new converts to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Earlier this year, the web was atwitter about claims that Donald Trump was taking hair regrowth drug Propecia / Finasteride . It’s a drug that decreases the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which in turns prevents hair from falling out (since dihydrotestosterone is a big culprit behind balding). It wouldn't be surprising if Trump takes Propecia Finasteride; that wispy, discolored mop looks anything but natural. Or perhaps, like Samson the Israelite, Trump's power is somehow linked to his flowing locks. It makes total sense that he would do whatever possible to prevent balding. (Hey, anything to make sense of the guy.)

Yeezy Boosts Are the Coolest Shoes on the Planet — That Look Good on Basically No One

The uncomfortable truth about wearing Yeezy Boosts.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Top 100 Best Sneakers 2017 | What is the most affordable price for good Sneakers (Compare)

What is the most affordable price for good Sneakers (Compare)
In one article we will tell you about all the best sneakers for April 2017
Teens are obsessed with shoes. Within the clothes fashion cool were ‘shoes.
The top 5 Adidas, Nike, Vans, Converse, Jordan.

DC Shoes Astor

If you ever ventured into a Journeys in middle school, there's a good chance you remember DC Shoes as purveyors of chunky, heavily-padded skate shoes that weren't exactly the definition of timeless style. But in 2017, the company is making a play for the masses with the release of the Astor, a sleek and minimal kick that deserves a spot in any stylish guy's sneaker rotation.
DC Shoes Astor

That said, the Astor also maintains a skate-able design thanks to DC’s IMPACT-I technology, which is good news for those who actually use skate products for skate purposes. But thanks to their pared down design these kicks are equally as prepared to take on slim jeans or even a suit. Our favorite detail? The white leather upper—which actually is a just ever-so-slightly off-white hue—that features a pebble leather, giving the shoes a more casual, less sporty feel.

The 11 Best Menswear Items

Nike Blazer Premium
You can never go wrong with a luxurious take on a classic Nike sneaker, and these are even more sophisticated thanks to their vintage-looking gum sole. — Jake Woolf

Thursday, 6 April 2017

PlaStation x Xbox Which games lineup is best? + screenshots

“While success might not demand the levels of intimacy implied by the title, you’ll definitely benefit from having someone you can trust on hand. Failing that, you can always boot up a friendly AI companion instead – to forage for new ship upgrades and abilities, explore distant galaxies and fend off attacks from technicoloured alien monstrosities.”

10 Second Ninja X: "10 SECOND NINJA X is a hardcore sidescroller. You're a ninja, there are robots, you've got ten seconds to destroy them all. Get three star ratings, climb leaderboards, discover secrets and stop Captain Greatbeard."

Curses 'n Chaos: "In this 2D Arena-Brawler world, there is only one law: fight or die! The Wizard King has cursed Lea and Leo, the fiercest fighters in the land! Now living under the shadow of death, they're hounded by ghouls and hunted by the grim reaper itself! To lift the curse, you must concoct the legendary Elixir of Life! But there's only one way to get the ingredients...FIGHT MONSTERS!


What is the Kerry Expo?

The Kerry EXPO is a unique one of a kind event that provides an opportunity for businesses, corporations, partnerships and sole traders currently operating in the Kerry region, to come together to exhibit and advertise their business to the general public and engage with the community.

In addition, it provides a formal setting for recruitment agencies and potential employers, to meet job seekers or those looking for a career change. It facilitates government bodies, institutions and agencies by bringing them face to face with budding entrepreneurs or those seeking opportunities in up-skilling or further education.


One of the most popular adidas Ultra Boost collabs of 2016 is back for a sequel with Reigning Champ teaming up with the Three Stripes once again. Released in a heathered black colorway perfect for winter last year, Reigning Champ constructs a more summer-appropriate look this time around in a pristine white and light grey colorway for the Ultra Boost 3.0, finished with a premium suede cage and detailing on the heel counters.First previewed in January, we now have official photos and a confirmed release date for the next Reigning Champ x adidas Ultra Boost, which will drop April 7th accompanied by an apparel collection at and select retailers.

Outdoor Activities Within Minutes of Downtown Chattanooga

Chattanooga wasn’t voted “Best Town Ever” two years in a row in Outside Magazine polls for nothing. Whether you’re looking for a simple stroll with the kids or in search of bigger adventures, you don’t have to look far to find an outdoor adventure in the Scenic City.

Here’s our list of some of the best outdoor activities near downtown Chattanooga.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Thicker brush in Snapchat

Yesterday Snapchat tweaked their drawing tool so you can draw thicker lines on your snapsterpieces.

To change your brush size all you have to do is select a color to draw with, then use two fingers to “pinch” in or out to make the brush size bigger or smaller. It’s exactly the same motion you’d use to zoom in or out on a picture.

Kendall Jenner for PEPSI Commercial

Just one day after releasing a new ad featuring Kendall Jenner, Pepsi pulled the commercial on Wednesday and issued an apology amid a backlash accusing the company of making light of issues surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality.

"Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding," Pepsi said in a statement. "Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologize. We did not intend to make light of any serious issue. We are removing the content and halting any further rollout. We also apologize for putting Kendall Jenner in this position."

Chewing Gum Season 3 | Michaela Coel was interviewed

Why do you lie so much?”
This is the question posed to Tracey, the larger-than-life protagonist of Chewing Gum, at the end of the premiere of the Netflix show's second season. Tracey makes a practice of weaving complicated, patently false tales in response to the simplest questions—it's just her method of deflecting from actually feeling anything.
“I don’t know,” she tells her ex-boyfriend, Connor. In the first moments of the second season, which premiered on Netflix Tuesday, Chewing Gum finds its leading lady, played by the show’s writer, creator, and theme song co-composer Michaela Coel, returning to an affordable housing complex in Tower Hamlets, London, after a three-month leave of absence. She’s single, homeless, on the outs with friends and family, and squatting in the bodega where she works. That's where Connor tracks her down, months after their split. It’s an almost-tender moment in a series that is allergic to them. When vulnerability emerges, it's all the more conspicuous among all the gross-outs (a memorable season-one arc involves a plan to resell used dildos; season two kicks off with some violently orange vomit).
Chewing Gum premiered on the British channel E4 (the network best known for teen hits Skins, Misfits, and The Inbetweeners) in 2015 and came to Netflix late last year, where it won a strong American following. It’s an adaptation of Coel’s one-woman show Chewing Gum Dreams, which she wrote as a drama student at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and premiered at London’s Yard Theatre to a sold-out, five-day run during her senior year.

Tyler Clinton, Hillary Clinton's nephew, the Exemplary male in training is now

Existence of some known names in your family tree, of course, has advantages. Just ask Jaden Smith, Brooklyn Beckham or Rocco Richie — all of which do waves on the stage of fashion and at all of which also, it appears, there is some family tree of the A-list. (Or just ask any child Trump — except Tiffany), While these types of dynasties incline to be the focused entertainments, the political sphere has officially entered a fight with mega model agency the last IMG's, reach, Tyler Clinton, differently Bill and Hillary's nephew.
Tyler Clinton
Five eleven and a half inches high with a 30-inch waist and cloudy age (The radar has told 22 last November while US Weekly has shown result it in in 18 back in July) Clinton — who the son of the brother of the former president Bill Roger — it seems started for the career coming to campaigns for brands as J.

Oreo Limited Edition: Buy New cookies орео, inside only cream

Oreo fans worldwide simultaneously sighed with relief and cried out in disappointment when it was revealed that "All-Stuf Oreos" were simply a clever April Fools' Day prank from Twitter artist Adam Padilla. Reactions to the prank product, which claimed to be "just the creme" from traditional Oreos cookies, were mixed, from those who found the idea abhorrent.

Oreo Limited Edition

Every spring, the candy aisle comes into full bloom with chocolate bunnies, candy Easter eggs and, of course, marshmallow Peeps — a favorite that hasn't really changed since you were a kid. To keep the sugary marshmallows from getting stale, Peeps teamed up with Oreos for a special edition Peeps-flavored vanilla Oreo. Only there's kind of a big issue: Many people are posting that their tongue and saliva are still bright pink a day after eating the Peeps Oreo.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Esta es la nueva silla de ruedas del futuro

Esta es la nueva silla de ruedas del futuro
El tipo proto incorpo dos ruedas y un sistema Oruga similar al de los Tanques, que le permite realizar Movimientos Imposibles para las Sillas Tradicionales

ONU pide mujeres Revista amparo otorgado a uno de los "Porkys"

La Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU) expresó su preocupación por los altos niveles de impunidad en México en materia de violencia sexual y la interpretación judicial que permitió otorgar el amparo Diego Cruz, uno de los "Porkys" señalados de ATAC sexual mente a la joven Dafne cuando era menor de edad.

La represent ante de ONU Mujeres, Ana Güezmes, expuso que "con el respeto a la Autonomía de las autor Dades mexicanas CBI expresamos nuestra preocupación efectivamente porque es un caso y Emblemático Si nos sumamos a esta idea de justicia para Dafne.

"Que ha sido Sabemos Valiente y nos gustaria hacer un llamados a que se esta revise sente clarencia y esta manera de la violencia sexual interpretable" Dijon.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Meet me for brunch in Newark! ( what does it mean )

“Meet me for brunch in Newark!” How many times has anyone said that? More so, what would be your response?
Newark is probably one of the most unexpected locales to be considered a travel destination. It is, for those who travel to New York City, a mere stopover—a popular entry point through one of the nation’s largest airports, Newark Liberty International Airport. For others who’ve never heard of—or choose not to venture to Gotham’s cousin just across the Hudson—there’s a movement brewing that’s richer than the city’s beer history. The veil is slowly being lifted on a renaissance movement that has been decades in the making.


White guilt is a sudden-onset disease that can affect the brain’s empathy centers (leading patients to process nothing from other people’s perspectives), the frontal lobe (patients may purchase a thousand-dollar safety pin), and sight (patients are often unable to see color).

Effects vary based on several factors, such as the number of “Atlanta” episodes watched and the number of “Gilmore Girls” mugs owned.

TOP 2017:Video-Exercises of YOGA that the waist didn't hurt, prevent pain

The vast majority of American adults will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives, and now a major organization is recommending that doctors treat it in a new way. On Monday, the American College of Physicians released updated guidelines that urge doctors to avoid medication as the first-line therapy for lower back pain—a departure from its previous guidelines.
Instead, the organization says doctors should urge patients to use alternative therapies, like yoga, heat, exercise, acupuncture, massage therapy, low-level laser therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or spinal manipulation under the guidance of a medical professional before they try medication. Physicians should also tell their patients that lower back pain typically improves over time, regardless of the treatment they use.

If a patient wants medication, the organization says over-the-counter pain relievers like naproxen (Aleve) and ibuprofen (Advil) could help, as can muscle relaxers, but it notes that steroid injections and acetaminophen (Tylenol) have not been found to be helpful.

Match That Übertrendy Engagement Ring

Choose the filter and be prepared for similar to pour: That your ring the selfie will receive serious modernization with our comprehensive cool girls guides to the best styles of manicure for your wedding ring.
Taken away days of connection your decorated with an aura, diamond reduction by a pillow of a wedding ring with mani in the most pale of carnations. The idea that your manicure has to be as classical as your chic long ago in the past, the lady. Brides aren't limited to pastels and soft-white colors any more nailing

Today, brides-to-be are taking a cue from the Fashion Week runways and their Pinterest feeds, opting to pair their engagement rings with nail art as eye-catching as their sparkler.

2017: How very just to prepare Argentinian Empanadas Based ?

Gaby Melian is the Bon Appétit test kitchen assistant, and after we begged her for weeks, she shared her family's Argentinian empanadas recipe with us.

My mom made these empanadas the same way my grandmother made them, and my recipe is a version of that. My mom, Adriana, passed away last January, so let’s say it’s her recipe—she would like that. She’d also insist that the chicken ones have to have green peppers and tomato paste; otherwise, they’re not chicken empanadas.

The beef empanadas are traditional porteñas, which means they're from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, and they always have ground beef, raisins, and green olives. When someone tells me they don’t like raisins, I say, well, pick them out! So they’re a little sweet, some people even sprinkle them with sugar before baking. Whereas in the north of Argentina, there’s an influence from Bolivian empanadas, so those are spicier and the meat is cut, not ground. In the south, some people add nuts and/or hard-boiled eggs. There are so many recipes. I don’t like them with hard-boiled eggs, it makes the empanada a little dry. And you already have meat, why do you need eggs?! So we skipped that in these recipes.

Really interestingly: Craigslist Is Ugly, Janky, Old School…and Unbeatable

Reham Fagiri’s eureka the moment was result gone not as it is necessary agreements.
It was the spring of 2012, and the recent graduate of Warton tried to sell her television on Craigslist. The possible buyer — the gray-haired gentleman of advanced age — has arrived to her Philadelphian apartment to look. When he has understood that Fagiri has incidentally listed the wrong television model, he annoyed.

"He has been really upset about it: ‘You have forced me to go completely here, a nonsense, a nonsense, a nonsense’", she remembers. Fadzhiri has asked for $200 TV. He has offered $50. When she has changed the mind concerning the agreement, the person declared that he just was going to take television. He has begun to carry away him.

TOP!!! 2017 The Best Black High-Top Sneakers

They were invented almost 40 years ago, but have never looked more modern. They're simple, but not space-age in fabrication or overly minimal design. They're instantly noticeable, but not in a way that demands your gaze. That's why Vans Sk8-Hi's are one of the more perfect sneakers ever created, and why they're the ones every guy needs in his life right now. Here are five more reasons to invest in a pair.

What coffee maker the best in 2017?

The irony of making great at-home coffee is that most of us need to have had our morning coffee before we possess the faculties to make a good pot of coffee. Unless you relish the process of grinding beans, weighing beans, boiling water, not messing up the water temperature, preparing a filter, and cleaning up after yourself—and I do, kind of, sometimes, on the weekend—even the best system eventually loses out to handing $3 to a barista. This applies even more so if you’re just making a lone cup for yourself (and less so if you're perfectly content with Folgers, pods, or anything that kinda resembles coffee).

Monday, 13 February 2017

TOP 6 Red Wines 2017 to Make a Date With on Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and you have zero plans. Perfect! Who wants to deal with crowded restaurants and unrealistic expectations when you could stay home and savor your true love: WINE. Here are six easy-going and fun bottles to call for a good time, whether you’re sharing with your cat and your favorite sesame chicken, or your partner of seemingly one million (beautiful) years.

pineau daunis
Photo by Marissa A. Ross
Manoir de la Tête Rouge “K’sa Tête” Pineau d’Aunis, $26
The K’sa Tête is young, dark and mysterious; the kind of silhouette that catches your eye while moving under muted neon in the back of your favorite dive bar. It’s light on its feet with the tart red fruits that are signature of Pineau d’Aunis, but is seductively spicy and wears a faintly tobacco-tinged jean jacket. It tastes like you’re drinking down a dance party with a stranger. Pop a bottle, turn the lights down low, and the volume way up on your favorite Ty Segall album. Clothing optional, favorite underwear mandatory.

First They Got Sick, Then They Moved Into a Virtual Utopia

Real-life Fran was a hiker and a dancer. But when Parkinson’s stole her mobility, she discovered a community of peers settled in Second Life.
One afternoon in November, Fran Serenade led me and her daughter Barbie down a steep section of the Appalachian trail. The sun was high and Fran hiked briskly, ducking the blue-green diagonals of fir trees, her hair wild behind her. She wanted to show me her log cabin, which was off the trail next to a red barn by a blue lake with a pretty waterfall. Outside the barn, we met Fran’s kitty, Amici, and a handful of other cats, all of them wearing knit caps. Fran pet Amici, who followed her, mewling.
Inside the cabin, a fire raged in the fireplace. Fran pointed out her favorite things: an antique icebox; an embroidered tablecloth; a crochet basket. Then we were off to Tai Chi practice.

TOP 2017: Grammy Winners Full List

Last year has been filled with high maxima and some very low decreases, but music was one of several things which have reconciled Americans whether we collectively mourned the prince or celebrated Lemonade. That is why Grammies of 2017 occur in very necessary time: it isn't strict a show of awards — it is much more similar to a concert with trophies — and it gives us the chance to reflect over a year in music. That we loved also that we loved. Hardware of the Grammy can help to strengthen career and to make heritage, and also to raise the artists hoping to reach wider audience. And this year wasn't any exception, bringing us a big variety of the new and established winners of an award of the Grammy through genres.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

George Clooney's mother "extremely happy" after baby news

Nice of the writer to mention George's father. No doubt he was also over the moon. Possible headline: Clooney's parents both over the moon.

What a ridiculous and immature comment. George Clooney is an older first-time Dad at 55 but hardly ancient. When his children are 10 he will only be 65 years old and probably still acting. I don't know too many 65 year olds, or even 70 year olds, who are in rest homes.

George Clooney's mother has expressed her joy at the news her son and his wife Amal Clooney are expecting twins.

Nina Clooney told Us Weekly on Friday her 55-year-old son and the human-rights lawyer will be "great" parents, after it was announced the couple are expanding their brood.

Review: ‘S.N.L.’ Targets Trump Again, With a Hint of Exhaustion

If President Trump’s shock-and-awe attack on truth, decorum and liberal sensibilities is intended to bludgeon his opponents into submission, “Saturday Night Live” felt like his latest victim this weekend.

Not that the show, which has been one of his most outspoken and popular antagonists, didn’t remain on the attack. Melissa McCarthy reprised her savage impersonation of Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, and Alec Baldwin (in his 17th appearance as host) donned his flaxen wig and prosthetic jowls to play Mr. Trump in a “People’s Court” sketch mocking the president’s attempts to have his travel ban reinstated. Kate McKinnon — who, in a Tatiana Maslany-style tour de force, also appeared as Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Senator Elizabeth Warren — played the presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway trying to seduce her way onto CNN in a “Fatal Attraction” spoof.

If President Trump’s shock-and-awe attack on truth, decorum and liberal sensibilities is intended to bludgeon his opponents into submission, “Saturday Night Live” felt like his latest victim this weekend.

Monday, 30 January 2017

GQ Photos: SAG Awards 2017: The Best Dressed Celebrities Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, Nicole Kidman ...

Tonight’s SAG Awards red carpet was all about the personal and the unusual: gothic flourishes, extreme romance, and rigid tailoring all looked right. Even the sweetest frocks by Chanel, Valentino, and McQueen were a touch defiant. One common denominator? Bold statement earrings meant to add yet more swagger to unusual clothes for unusual times.
Claire Foy in Valentino

The 10 Best Dressed Men (A$AP Rocky, Brenton Thwaites, Rami Malek, Louis Tomlinson)

Dan Stevens
The surest way to stand out on any carpet (or in any room): wear an uncommon colored suit.
At the premiere of 'Legion' at in West Hollywood.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

The 12 Best New Menswear Items to Buy Right Now

Unis Camo Chore Coat
 Unis’s chore coats sell out quickly because they’re flattering, affordable, and built to last. This one in camo would look great over a white or gray hoodie

Video: The Arrest of a U.S. Spy Working as a Russian Intelligence Officer Could Tell Us a Lot About Trump and Putin

Rachel Maddow gave us an interesting and terrifying theory.

The thin-skinned, embarrassing, in over his head dummy that lives in the White House hates the idea of people thinking he's a puppet of Vladimir Putin and Russia. When BuzzFeed News published the now infamous dossier of intelligence reports, that though unverified, were deemed worthy of briefing both former President Obama (wow, that hurts) as well as President Trump, the Trump camp was furious. Serial liar Kellyanne Conway went on Seth Meyers and lied that Trump wasn't briefed on the information. They also have denied any and all of the connections between Russia and their campaign. But new information coming out of Russia raises some interesting questions about the validity of those claims.

How Dickies, Patagonia and Carhartt are Making Street Style Dope Again

Remember Americana? When old-school brands like Alden, Pendleton, and Red Wing felt brand new, when Cone Mills selvedge denim was practically de rigueur? We have that late-aughts trend (and the #menswear blog movement it spawned from) to thank for getting a new generation of guys interested in style.

The New Rules of Long Hair, According to the Experts

Get growing, but resist the man bun.
 As much as we love a good buzz-cut or short fade, long hair styles are everywhere right now. But no one wants to revisit the man-bun mania we recently left behind. To keep yourself looking like Michael Lockley or Miles McMillan on the runway, and not Leonardo DiCaprio on perma-vacation, we asked a few of the top men’s hairstylists for their advice on how to pull off some length in a fresh, modern way. Here’s what they had to say:
Have a Specific Cut—or Era—in Mind

Photos: The Best Silver Cuff Bracelets to Buy Right Now

Your hunt is over: Best Stuff is GQ’s destination for finding the perfect version of whatever you need. Everything we endorse has been heavily researched and thoroughly tested. You can thank us later.

The man bracelet universe is a grab bag of styles ranging from Game of Thrones-ian statement pieces to hippy-chic braided bracelets to blinged-out, Diddy-level wristwear. The difference between understated and overkill is a fine line when you're working with as little real estate as your wrist offers. That's why we favor a minimal silver cuff. The simple curved bar is the best starter piece for the guy who wants to dip his toes into the man jewelry pool, or the ideal add-on to any wrist with some serious watch game already in play.

Someone Please Save Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik from This Music Video and Each Other

The video for the 50 Shades soundtrack's lead single is just as 50 Shades as you think.

Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik have released a video for "I Don't Want to Live Forever," their collaboration that backs the inescapable trailer for whichever of the 50 Shades movies comes out next, and folks, not since Mariah Carey on New Year's Eve has America beheld lip-syncing this halfhearted. I honestly wasn't sure until a full two lines into his verse whether Zayn was actually trying to mouth his lyrics, or just struggling to work a stubborn piece of leftover roast beef out from between his teeth.

Rami Malek’s Stylish Trick for Traveling Light

There is no power high like moving effortlessly through airport security, getting into your seat with ease, and then getting out of the airport faster than the rest of the folks on your flight and beating them all to the cab line. It’s not that you wish them ill will, it’s just that when flying is the worst it’s the worst and not letting it get to that point is a triumph.
Depending on the length of the trip and your wardrobe needs, your packing strategy for getting through the airport without losing your mind may change. Here’s one way of doing it that we can get behind: double mid-size duffle bags in lieu of rolling luggage, XL weekenders, or camping backpacks. Rami Malek used this trick at the airport yesterday and, not only did he look great (he was hauling Dior Homme bags in case you were wondering), but it helped him stay highly mobile.
The advantage of double duffle bags is that it prevents you from having to check a bag and, unlike a rolling suitcase, it keeps your stuff close to your body so you can zip through the crowds and down narrow aisles easily. Put one of the bags in the overhead storage, and one by your feet while you’re in the air. Or squeeze them both up there; they’re small and flexible enough to fit into even the most packed compartments.

Video + All the Zelda Games You Should Play to Get Ready for Breath of the Wild

Put on your best green tunic and sit down with these classics.

We’re just over a month away from the release of the long-awaited new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, on both the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch. But if you can’t wait that long to go questing around Hyrule, you’re in luck; from now until February 9, Nintendo is putting pretty much every Zelda game ever released on sale (currently limited to Europe, though a similar deal for North America may be pending).

The Most Radical Dress Socks to Wear Right Now

Stay sane with our weekly list of great stuff to stream.

Do you know how few good movies there are about dogs available to stream? Good luck trying to be the talk of your social circle by throwing a movie watch party themed around A Dog's Purpose, because the pickings are slim, unless you don't object to fare like Army Dog (a real movie) or one of the Z-list Air Bud movies. (The good Air Bud shit is on Hulu.)
But maybe you're not really out for stuff that helps you ponder a dog's purpose. That's cool too. We've got some ideas.

If you want dog stuff: May we suggest the vintage Tom Hanks classic Turner & Hooch, released in 1989—a year after Big, just before the Hanxplosion. It's a buddy cop movie where one cop is a neat freak and the other cop is a dog. If you haven't seen it before, that's all you need to know.
If you want a new TV show to jump on: You could take our own Scott Meslow's advice and jump onboard with The Magicians. The whole first season is streaming on Netflix, and it's short enough that you could catch up in a weekend before hopping over to catch this week's premiere on The pilot takes things almost excruciatingly slow to the point where it's not all that fun if you haven't read Lev Grossman's novels the show is based on, but by the end of it stuff so nuts goes down you'll want to see it through to the end.